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Ork Big Mek on bike with Kustom Force Field




I haven't been active on fourstrands lately because my camera is broken, but I just finished this and thought it was awesome, so I used my iphone camera.  It's a Big Mek with Kustom Force Field on a bike, based on the old Skorcha!  I got a KFF bit from a friend at AFK Games in Holt, a Skorcha from ebay, and kitbashed the rest.

I'll have batreps and painted stuff soon, but I might look into a new camera first.


A Typical Day

“It’s so good to have someone who will just listen.” Poindexta Smartyskull said to Loudmouf Sneakilla.  Loudmouf nodded in reply, as his loudener speakers were switched off.  Loudmouf gestured towards some black smoke coming from the Gargant known as Da Gentul Teddy Bear, and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ah,” Smartyskull answered “Manik must be hard at work again.  It’s good to know that he keeps my Gargant in good condition.  I hope that during this maintenance that no one steals his bike again.  Last time I lost two perfectly good trukks and…”


Smartyskull was interrupted by an object striking him in the side of the head.  It bounced harmlessly off the rusty steel of his mega-armour, and hit the ground with a squelching noise.  Reluctantly, Smartyskull looked down to see what had struck him and to his amazement, found that it was an Ork head wearing a Stormboy’s helmet.  Smartyskull struggled the right arm out of the sheath that held his Big Shoota, and reached down to pick up the head.  It was Jobba.  Surprisingly, the still form of the head jerked to life as Smartyskull looked into Jobba’s eyes.  Jobba’s lips formed the words “Hiya Boss!” though no sound came out.  Jobba’s eyes then darkened and he stopped moving.  Smartyskull flung the head behind him, put his arm back in his armour, and turned to Loudmouf.

“Loudmouf, if you would, please get me Rukkstud.”  Loudmouf beamed, and turned on his speakers.  Before Smartyskull could stop him, he bellowed


The wave of Loudmouf’s shout hit Smartyskull like a Wreckin’ Ball.  His Ork instincts made him try to reach out and smash Loudmouf across the jaw.  Being dazed, he missed, and fell over.  As Loudmouf helped him to his feet, he began to regain his senses.  Just in time for another loud boom followed by the hiss of pistons.

“Yer wanted ta see me Boss?” Rukkstud shouted.  Smartyskull opened his eyes, blinked several times, and was finally able to make out the form of Rukkstud, awkwardly saluting with one of his gigantic adamantium piston arms, and awkwardly balancing on the other arm, and his choppa.  The choppa was being held at a ridiculous angle by a hand protruding from Rukkstud’s pant leg.  Smartyskull sighed.

“Rukkstud, you know that I approve of your leadership style.  You are one of the few in this camp that appreciates military structure and discipline.”

“Sir!  Yessir!  Boss!  Sir!” Rukkstud shouted.

“However, if I am pelted by another piece of your soldiers, I will conclude that you cannot keep proper discipline, or that your aim is too poor, and I will assign you to being a Deffdread.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Sir!  Yessir!  Boss!  Sir!  Sir!  Boss!”

“Dismissed.” Smartyskull make a waving action with his power klaw, and with that, Rukkstud bounded into the air on a column of acrid gray smoke.  Smartyskull held his breath and walked away from the site, followed closely by Loudmouf.  “One day.” He muttered under his breath so that Loudmouf would not hear.  “One day without… this.  Is that too much to ask, Mork?”


On my plate 9/26/14: Distracted Edition

Things are not going great, but it's high time for me to stop letting life get in the way and do some hardcore hobby action!  All three of my readers demand it!  Well, truth be told, they've been a bit silent, but I can feel it in their hearts.  My hobby bones are rumbling.

Bones rumble, don't they?

Battlefleet Gothic Tau - As my Tau player dropped out during our campaign I sort of lost interest in painting this fleet.  However it's about 1/3 done and I want to finish it so it should be my primary goal.  Other projects should jump in.  Status: 3 more capital ships, a large selection of escorts, and some defences left to do.  I also have to pick a scheme for the Nicassar.  Perhaps earth tones?  Or go super extravagant with gold?

Azure Flames - I need to finish my Grav Sternguard.  Next, a 5 man non-jump-pack assault squad with 2 flamers.  Finally, I need to make some new sergeants with power swords.  I have been getting MURDERED in challenges with Power Fists.  I also need Centurions, a Hunter/Stalker, and a Stormraven.

Orks - MORE LADZ!  I also need to buy some Fighta-bommaz and perhaps some new Big Gunz.

Battlefleet Gothic Eldar - I purchased a pre-painted Eldar fleet, but it had no light cruisers.  I won one of each light cruiser in an auction and I need to strip them and try to match the paint scheme of my new fleet.

Battlefleet Gothic Necrons - I need a paint scheme and I need to get painting.  They are the last thing for Gothic.  Until I buy a new fleet NO BAD BOZEMAN!

Blood Bowl Orcs - I need to make four Cheerleader goblins, and then paint them as well as my four Assistant Coach goblins and the team coach, Warboss Grimfang da Lotz.

Epic Orks - Gotta finish that 3000pt teaching list.

Epic Eldar - Gotta make a 3000 pt teaching list and build it and paint it as the Yme-Loc craftworld (gray and orange with white details)

Epic Lost and the Damned - 3000pt teaching list and paint it.

Necromunda - Paint my Escher gang, Razor and the Scumettes.

Epic Space Marines - Finish painting a whole chapter so I can say "I have painted a whole chapter of Space Marines."

Space Hulk - Wait for an ebay auction for the new mission book and rulebook, and the new tiles.  Also "acquire" the expansions. *looks innocent*


1850 Speed Freeks vs. Draigowing

Another AFK bat rep!  Took a while for me to get this done as I've been busy, but this happened a week ago.


Bozeman - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

-Manik Upzindowns (counts as Wazzdakka Gutzmek)

-Big Mek, Burna, Kustom Force Field, Attack Squig, 'Eavy Armour, Bosspole

-15 Burnas

-Battlewagon, Deffrolla, 3x Big Shootas

-Warbikes x10, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole (counts as Troops)

-Slugga Boys x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'Eavy Armour (Nob only) Bosspole in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates and Reinforced Ram

-Shoota Boys x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'Eavy Armour (Nob only) Bosspole in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates and Reinforced Ram

-Shoota Boys x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'Eavy Armour (Nob only) Bosspole in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates and Reinforced Ram

-Shoota Boys x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'Eavy Armour (Nob only) Bosspole in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates and Reinforced Ram

-Deffkoptas x3, Twin Linked Rokkit Launchas


Grey Knights

-Lord Mary Sue Kaldor Draigo

-Paladins x10, 4x Psycannon, Psycannon rounds, Various weapons

-Grey Knight Strike Squad x5, Psilencer

-Stormraven Gunship, TL Lascannon, TL Multi-Melta, Mindstrike Missiles

-Nemesis Dreadknight, Incinerator, Dreadnought Close Combat Weapon

-Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Autocannons, Psycannon Rounds

-Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Autocannons, Psycannon Rounds

-Vindicare Assassin (proxied Dark Eldar Model)


The Board

Mission: Big Guns Never Tire (D3+2 Objectives, we had 5, plus Heavy Support are Scoring and offer 1VP when killed)

Setup: Hammer and Anvil (Short Board Edges)

The Grey Knights won setup, deployed close up with the Paladins and Strike Squad.  The Vindicare set up in a central building and scout-moved past the deployment zone line.  The Dreadknight set up behind that building.  Both Dreadnoughts set up in ruins near objectives.  How did they climb up those ruins?  Shut up, that's how!

I clustered my four Trukks around the Battlewagon with the Mek and Burnas inside.  Nearby, Manik Upzindownz joined the bikes.  To my extreme right the Deffkoptas secured the flank, and scout-moved ahead.

Board Setup

This Vindicare Assassin is cleverly disguised as a Dark Eldar.  Has he been swiping the Callidus' Polymorphine?

Grey Knights fear no Xenos.




Turn 1 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

The Deffkoptas moved up my right flank, and with two fantastic shots took out the Dreadnought on the 3rd floor of the ruins!  Manik Upzindownz and his bikes turbo-boost to get around an obstacle, but because Wazzdakka's Bike of the Aporkalypse can shoot after Turbo boosting, he insta-kills the Vindicare assassin!  The other vehicles move up in a cluster to share the Kustom Force Field love.

The question of how the Dreadnought got up there is now moot.

The Vindicare is killed outright by Manik's bike full of Dakka!

Wall o' Trukks!

Turn 1 - Grey Knights

Draigo and his Paladins move up, shoot, and assault the Bikes.  Draigo himself kills Manik Upzindownz in a challenge.  The Dreadknight flames the Deffkoptas, killing one and breaking the squad!  Psyfleman Dreadnought blows up the Trukk with the Sluggas inside and kills 6.

Let's get outta 'ere!

The Paladins do what they do best: everything.

Turn 2 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

Surviving Sluggas plus one of the three Shoota squads assault the 5-man Strike Team.  The Shoota Nob is killed, but the Strike Team is wiped out.  The Battlewagon moves up and puts 16 flamer templates on the Paladins for an impressive 56 wounds!  Failed Look Out Sir rolls put 2 wounds on Draigo and kill a handful of Paladins, but the squad survives due to their two wounds and some great rolls. (wound allocation and look out sir made this step take FOREVER)  One of the Trukks zooms ahead, while the last one dumps its shoota boys on an objective so they can hose down the Paladins, but they don't hurt any.

Good bye power armour Grey Knights!

After the flames wash over them, Draigo and the Paladins are damaged but still fight on!

Turn 2 - Grey Knights

The Stormraven comes in and blasts the Battlewagon with a Power of the Machine Spirit Multi-Melta, and then turns the lascannon and two missiles on the Burnas, killing many.  Draigo and his guys kill a few more, and the Burnas break but a bosspole re-roll from the Big Mek holds them!  The Dreadknight hops 30" and flames the Sluggas, killing them down to the Nob.  The Dreadnought pops open the blue Trukk, killing a few Orks, who are pinned but overcome pinning thanks to a bosspole and a lucky armor save!

Goodbye Battlewagon!

The Orks are getting whittled down...

Turn 3 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

Shoota Boyz and the surviving Slugga Nob try to assault the Dreadnought, but fail spectacularly in a flurry of crappy charge rolls.  The Shoota boys from the wrecked trukk and the surviving burnas put more hits on the Paladins and kill one, but once again fail to charge.

The Orks could not charge.  There must have been a butterfly distracting them.

Butterflies abound!  Another failed charge roll.

Turn 3 - Grey Knights

The Orks take a shellacking.  Suffice to say, the only Orks left alive after this turn are the Shoota Nob from the blue trukk, the Yellow Trukk, and the regrouped Deffkoptas.  Game ceded.

The Nob makes a break for the objective, but he'll never get there.


OOF!  Finally, a loss at AFK!  Damn Draigo and his Paladins are hardcore.  There seems to be few options to kill them other than low AP guns.  The Speed Freeks are also at a HUGE hindrance in 6th if they have to charge through difficult terrain.  Oh well, live and learn.

Next: Tonight is 40K club again.  Look for an upcoming report, and possibly a Battlefleet Gothic Campaign!



1850 Ork D3 list extravaganza!

The past few months I have been attending game night at AFK games with the Azure Flames, but the Marines are actually a bit too good.  Their list is modern and competitive.  I needed a challenge.

This sounds like a job for the Orks!  Especially because I have no aircraft.  So I had an idea.  I'd make three lists and choose which one to use in a game randomly.  One, a Ghazgkhull green tide footslog, one a Speed Freek mounted, and one a ridiculous shooty list.  All 1850 points.

I found a willing opponent in Mr. Cat, covered in one of my previous batreps.  However, Mr. Cat did not have the means to play an 1850 game, and so borrowed several assets from Stephen, another of my frequent opponents.  After he banged together an 1850 list, I rolled a D3 and chose my Ghazgkhull footlsog, led by none other than Warboss Poindexta Smartyskull, the Ork with two brains.  Here's our lists:


WAAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

-Poindexta Smartyskull (counts as Ghazgkhull Thraka)

-Big Mek, Burna, Kustom Force Field, 'Eavy Armour, Attack Squig

-Meganobz x10, Kombi-Skorcha, 5x Kombi-Rokkits

-Slugga Boyz x30, Nob, 'Eavy Armour, Power Klaw, 3x Rokkit Launcher, Bosspole

-Shoota Boyz x30, Nob, 'Eavy Armour, Power Klaw, 3x Rokkit Launcher, Bosspole

-'Ard Slugga Boyz x12, Nob, Power Klaw, Bosspole, Rokkit Launcha

-Deffdred, 2x Rokkit Launcha, Armour Plates

-Killa Kans x3, 3x Grotzookas

-Lootas x10


Mr. Cat - Crimson Fists

-Librarian, level 2 psyker, knows Haemorhage and Puppet Master

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Sword, Heavy Bolter in a Rhino

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Sword, Heavy Bolter in a Rhino

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Plasma Pistol, Flamer, Missile Launcher in a Rhino

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Plasma Pistol, Flamer, Missile Launcher in a Rhino

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Plasma Pistol, Flamer, Missile Launcher (on foot)



-Devastator Squad x5, 2x Heavy Bolters, Lascannon, Multimelta, Plasma Pistol

-Scouts x5, Heavy Bolter

-Vanguard Veterans x10, Jump Packs, Power Sword and Combat Shield on Sergeant, 1x Power Axe, 2x Power Sword, 1x Plasma Pistol

-Land Speeder


Mission: Purge the Alien (every unit killed yields a victory point)

Setup: Vanguard Strike (opposing table corners)

Here's our table.  Mr. Cat won the roll to deploy and chose the corner in the lower left of the below picture.

Here's Mr. Cat's setup.  Note that in this setup there is no Land Speeder.  Mr. Cat accidentally purchased Sergeant Chronus for the Vindicator (a good buy, but illegal with Imperial Fists doctrine) and so I let him switch Chronus for the Speeder on turn 1.

Here's my setup

Both of our Warlord Traits has no bearing on the game.  Initiative not seized, no Night Fight.

Turn 1 - Crimson Fists

Three Tactical Squads in Rhinos move up along the left side of the board, supported by the Vindicator, and the Land Speeder.  Two more tactical squads and the Librarian go up the right side.  The Librarian casts Puppet Master on the Killa Kans and the Kans fire on the Meganobz, to no effect.  Fire begins to whittle down the Slugga Boyz despite their 5+ cover save thanks to the Kustom Force Field.  The Devastators put a wound on Poindexta Smartyskull and another Meganob.  The Vindicator kills two 'Ard Boyz and the Whirlwind misses.

A wall of ceramite advances.

Slugga Boyz take the brunt of some Heavy Bolter fire.

Smartyskull takes a Lascannon for the team, and another Nob is wounded by Heavy Bolter fire.

Psychic tomfoolery turns the Grotzookas on the Meganobz, but Mega Armour shrugs off the blasted scrap.

Turn 1 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

The Killa Kans charge a nearby Rhino and pop it open, killing two Space Marines in the explosion.  The Green Tide advances at a run.  The Lootas open up on one of the Rhinos and remove two hull points.

The Kans smash a Rhino open.

The Meganobz Run for the river to avoid the Vindicator.

The Green Tide is called that for a reason.

Loota fire damages a Rhino.

Turn 2 - Crimson Fists

The Tactical Squad that had been in the Rhino along with the Librarian's Tatsquad throw two Krak Grenades and kill a Killa Kan, then one squad assaults, whiffs, and loses a marine.  They break and flee.  Poindexta Smartyskull calls his WAAAAGH! and get a 2+ invulneable save which fails twice, taking him down to 1 wound remaining thanks to the Devastators.  Squads jump out of their Rhinos and shoot some more Slugga Boyz.  Whirlwind kills one Loota.  The Vindicator kills all but one 'Ard boy and the Big Mek.

Smartyskull fails two 2+ invulnerable saves!

The whittling continues.

Turn 2 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

Grotzookas and a charge break the Librarian's tactical squad and put a wound on the Librarian.  Thanks to Smartyskull's WAAAAGH! the Orks all run 6".

Shotguuuuuuuuun... Nobody ever thinks about it.

The Green Tide Surges forward.

Turn 3 - Crimson Fists

The two Tactical Squads use Krak Grenades and a Krak Missile to finish off the last two Kans.  After skulking behind a rock, the Vanguard Veterans jump out and assault the Slugga Boyz.  The Slugga Boyz nob calls out the Vanguard Sergeant and turns him into Cowboy Sauce, but the rest of the fight does not favor the Sluggas and they get wiped out down to the Nob who amazingly does not break!  The Big Mek is also lost in this fight, so goodbye 5+ cover save!

Kans are eliminated!

There goes the Big Mek.  Luckily the Nob survives!

Turn 3 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

The Meganobz and the Deffdred countercharge the Vanguards.  Smartyskull personally kills 6 Vanguards and the rest are taken care of as well. 

The Meganobz eat the Vanguard Veterans for lunch!

...almost there!

Turn 4 - Crimson Fists

With the Sluggas gone the Shootas now start taking fire.  The tactical squads take refuge in the Ork deployment zone.  The Land Speeder zooms forward to try to kill the last 'Ard boy, but a lucky cover save keeps the 'Ard Boy alive.

The Shootas lose some guys as the Land Speeder makes a desperate ploy for one more kill point.

The Librarian gets Linebreaker by moving into the Ork deploment zone.

Turn 4 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

The Green Tide arrives as the Shootas assault one Tactical Squad and the Meganobz assault another.  The Meganobz wipe out their squad but a poor roll to hit keeps the Shootas in combat.  The Slugga Boy Nob and the last 'Ard Boy stay out of sight to try to save their Kill Points.

The Green Tide washes ashore!

Preserving Kill Points through cowardice!

Turn 5 - Crimson Fists

The Scouts join the fight with the Shootas, but poor rolls all around lead the fight nowhere.  The Vindicator fires on the Meganobz, but a poor scatter and a lucky cover save preserves the Meganobz

The Scouts join the scrum!

Turn 5 - WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

Smartyskull splits off from the Meganobz and assaults the large fight, but a poor assault means the Orks lose.  Smartyskull stays in the fight, but the Shoota Boyz break and flee!  The other Meganobz use a Disordered Charge to eat a Tactical Squad and the Rhino in one assault phase.  The Deffdred assaults the Vindicator, but fails to kill it.   The Lootas kill the Land Speeder.  Game ends.


Smash!  Stomp!  Kill!

Rawr!  Erm.  Hi.  You wanna be friends?


Final Score

Crimson Fists: 3 + Linebreaker for a total of 4

WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!: 7 + Linebreaker + First Blood for a total of 9


Post-Game Analysis

WAAAAAAGH!  What a fight!  Our lack of aircraft made this an old school Green Tide vs. Marine Gunline battle.  Mr. Cat's list was a hodgepodge; an artifact of not having enough marines to make a coherent list.  That being said, the Crimson Fists doctrine is fantastic against low armor enemies.  Anyone with a Bolter is essentially BS 3.5 and they can bring a lot of Bolters.  The Ork Footslog list is actually not bad.  It needs Ghazgkull for a turn 2 6" run to make a turn 3 charge possible.  However, another Big Mek with Kustom Force Field might have been nice so that the tide could spread out.  However, I've never been a fan of spamming non-Troops choices, so I'm satisfied with this list.

Next week: I'll try one of the other two lists!


On My Plate: 1/5/14

I have so many projects that I'm working on that I can't really decide which to do, so hopefully laying them all out will let e get perspective.

-Battlefleet Gothic Necrons: Must come up with a paint scheme and paint.  I'm thinking Gold with green power pathways that have "pulses" of energy in a lighter green.

-Battlefleet Gothic Tau Kor'Or'Vesh: Another scheme and paint.  Perhaps Farsight Enclave?  Maroon and grey look good together.

-Azure Flames Grav Project: I have four tactical marines and two magnetic biker arms to complete.  After that, ten Sternguard veterans with Combi-Gravs.  Yes, ten.  Suck it superheavies and giant monstrous creatures.

-Blood Bowl: The Grimfang Scrappaz coach is partially done, as are assistant coaches.  I need to do a few cheerleaders and then paint them all.  I also need to do an Apothecary and Bloodweiser Babes...

-Epic: Finish painting Azure Flames, finish painting Ork 3000 point teaching list, finish Lost and the Damned Chaos Altar conversions, build and paint Eldar, and find two of the new version of the Revenant Titan for the Eldar.  Last ones on ebay went for $150 for the pair.

-Necromunda: Hired Guns are a priority if there's going to be a campaign at AFK, and I also have Razor and the Scumettes to paint...

-Saratogan 58th: Still need a viable 1500 point list and/or allied detachment to take with the Azure Flames.  Note sure what I want.

-WAAAAGH! Smartyskull: Still need to paint half the stuff and find ways to improve the case situation, some stuff is getting dinged.

-Fantasy and Warmachine: On hold

Based on the above, I think I'm going to work on the Flames.  They are my main army, and grav weapons are FUN.


Pre-Xmas Batrep with Lexington!

I had played a spectacular game with my old buddy Lexington before xmas.  However, due to an ice storm, I didn't get to post about it till now.  Time for an old school Azure Flames vs. Orks battle report!  (Lexington plays Orks but could not haul his collection from Minneapolis, so he borrowed WAAAAGH! Smartyskull!)  Here's out 1500 point breakdown:

Bozeman - Azure Flames

-Leonidas, captain of the 1st Company (counts as Vulkan He'Stan)

-Ironclad Dreadnought with a Heavy Flamer, Chainfist, and Ironclad Launchers, in a Drop Pod

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Master crafted Power Fist, Bolter-Flamer, Flamer, Multi-melta, in a Drop Pod

-Tactical Squad x10, Veteran Sergeant, Master crafted Power Fist, Bolter-Flamer, Flamer, Multi-melta, in a Rhino with Extra Armour

-Scout Squad x5, with bolters, sergeant has a Master Crafted Bolter (why not?)

-Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta

-Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta

-Land Speeder with Heavy Flamer and Multi-Melta

-Land Raider Crusader with Multi-Melta and Extra Armour

-Thunderfire Cannon, Techmarine Servo Arm is Master Crafted.


Lexington - WAAAAAGH! Smartyskull!

-Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, Burna, Attack Squig, Bosspole, and 'eavy Armour

-Burna Boyz x11

-Battle Wagon with Deff Rolla, and 3x Big Shootas

-Nob Squad x8, Bikes, Painboy, Grot Orderly, Power Klaw x4, Big Choppa x 3, one bosspole and a WAAAAGH! banner.

-Ork Shoota Boyz x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'eavy Armour (Nob only), Bosspole, Big Shoota, Stikkboms, in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, and a Reinforced Ram

-Ork Shoota Boyz x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'eavy Armour (Nob only), Bosspole, Big Shoota, Stikkboms, in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, and a Reinforced Ram

-Ork Shoota Boyz x12, Nob, Power Klaw, 'eavy Armour (Nob only), Bosspole, Big Shoota, Stikkboms, in a Trukk with a Red Paint Job, Armour Plates, and a Reinforced Ram


Setup: Hammer and Anvil (each player has a short table edge and can deploy up to 24" away from it)

Mission: The Emperor's Will (each player has one objective in their own table 1/2)

Here's out board, courtesy of the fine folks at AFK games:

In the above picture, Lexington placed his objective behind the three tiered gray hill on the left, while I placed mine in the dark gray ruins on the far right.

Lexington set up his whole force right on the 24" line, ready to charge in.  In the pic below, the Nob Bikers are farthest from the camera hidden by the hill.

I set up a tactical squad in my objective building, the Thunderfire Cannon in the tan ruins.  Leonidas joined the scouts and embarked in the Land Raider Crusader.  The Land Speeders spread out to maximize options.  The Tatsquad's rhino is behind the building.  Drop pods are, of course, in reserve.

Initiative not seized.

Turn 1 - Lexington

The Blue Trukk (the Red paint Job is underneath, remember?) backs up and secures the Ork objective, while the Battlewagon, red trukk, and yellow trukk go right (from Lexington's POV) to avoid the Land Raider.  The Nob Bikers swarm around the yellow building.  They put out a lot of fire against a Land Speeder, doing 2 glancing hits which were jink saved.

Reverse course!  There's a Land Raider over there!

Always keep your eyes on the prize.

Turn 1 - Bozeman

The Ironclad Dreadnought arrives, fires, its Meltagun at the Battlewagon Rear Armour, but a Kustom Force Field save denies the penetrating result.  The Thunderfire Cannon wrecks the Blue Trukk, and 10 orks survive.  The Land Raider rolls forward and manages to explode the Red Trukk, killing all but 6 orks aboard, who are pinned.  The Tactical Squad's Rhino plugs the hole to the right of the yellow building, and two land speeders move up and put 3 wounds on the Nob Bikers, killing one.



Turn 2 - Lexington

The Nob Bikers, blocked by the rhino to the right, move left, and assault a Land Speeder, killing it.  The Battlewagon advances and 12 flame templates from within put one glance on the other land speeder.

Yum yum!  Land Speeders iz good eatin!

Turn 2 - Bozeman

Tactical Squad in Drop Pod arrives, splits into two combat squads.  One, with 4 bolters and a Multi-Melta gets a lucky snap shot on the rear of the Yellow Trukk, causing it to Kareen right into them and explode!  No Marines die, and the surviving Orks pass their Pinning Test.  The other combat squad drops 2 flamers on the orks from the blue trukk, which burns them all to death.  The hurt land speeder, the Thunderfire Cannon, and the Tactical Squad kill all but 3 of the Nob Bikers, including the Painboy.  Leonidas and the Scouts, along with the third Land Speeder which went around the red building, kill all the orks from the Red Trukk except the Nob, who breaks and flees.

Pictured yellow trukk has just finished Kareen move, and explodes right next to the Tactical Marines!

The Nob Bikers are in a hurt locker!

Turn 3 - Lexington

The remaining orks from the Yellow trukk assault the combat squad with the Multi-Melta.  They kill all the bolters, leaving the Multi-Melta who passes a Ld 4 check and stays!  Good man!  The Nob Bikers assault the marines in the objective building.  One Nob Biker dies and they kill a bunch of space marines, who make their check and stay put.  Deff Rolla rolls poorly to attack the Rhino which is unaffected.

Last man standing!

Smash 'em up, ladz!

Er... was it supposed to go "klunk?"

Turn 3 - Bozeman

5 man combat squad moves up to secure Ork objective.  The Ironclad Dreadnought assaults the Orks from the Yellow Trukk to try to save the tactical Multi-Melta.  The Nob and a few orks die, but they don't flee!  The Tactical Squad continue to fight the Nob Bikers, and with one wound apiece, draw combat.  The only land speeder left risks landing in the building, and blows up the Battlewagon, killing all inside but the Big Mek, and 4 Burnas.

The fight continues!


Kaboom!  There goes the Battlewagon!

Turn 4 - Lexington

Big Mek and Burnas try to burn down the Land Speeder, to no avail.  A few good rolls wins the Nob Biker/Tatsquad fight for the Space Marines.  The lone Nob Biker flees and is cut down!  The valiant Multi-Melta in the fight with the Yellow orks dies, but the Ironclad avenges him, killing all but one ork who flees!

Uh oh...

Building cleared!

At this point, Lexington conceded.  Victory for the Space Marines!


Afterthoughts: Due to my personal lack of aircraft, neither side had any which provided an old-school essence for the modern 6th ed game.  I designed both lists, and the Orks were designed to cluster up by the Battlewagon and rely on Kustom Force Field cover saves.  This can be overcome with massed fire, as was seen above.  The Nob Bikers were great, but are no longer the invincible 5th edition death star thanks to better wound allocation rules in 6th.  I got lucky that Lexington kept the Power Klaws near the front of the Nob Bikers, so that those were the first ones removed.  Had one Power Klaw gotten into the fight with the Tactical marines, they would not have survived.  Vulkan He'Stan and the Salamander rules make a melta/flamer list INSANE.  Re-rolling to wound turned the Blue ork squad into crispy critters, and melta re-rolls saved my butt more often than not.  All in all, a fun game.

Next: Grav guns on Space Marines and Bikes, or perhaps Blood Bowl Ork auxilliary models such as Cheerleaders and Assistant Coaches!


MOAR LADZ! Last of the Shoota Boys completed!

Once again, lads before and after showing the dipping process.

This was my last project before moving, so I might be a little dry for a while.  Next up: more Lost and the Damned, or possibly more 40K Orks.


Azure Flames vs. WAAAAGH! Smartyskull! 1850pts

Wait, what?  How can I fight myself?  Easy, by having others do the fighitng for me.

Above, Hector and Dario (mentioned previously on Four Strands) at Pandemonium Games in Garden City.  Here's the lists:

Hector: WAAAAGH! Smartyskull! 1850 pts

-Big Mek, KFF, Burna, Attack Squig, 'eavy armor.

-Nobs x8, Painboy, Grot Orderly, 2x Big Choppas, 3x PKs, WAAAAGH Banner, Eavy Armor

-Battlewagon, Deff Rolla, 3x Big Shootas

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Looted Wagon, Reinforced Ram, Big Shoota

-Tankbusta Boys x12, Nob, PK, Bosspole, 3 Bombsquigs, 2 Tankhammas

-Warbikers x8, Nob, PK, Bosspole

Dario: Azure Flames 1850pts

-Zeraf Antonius (Cato Sicarius)

-Assault Terminators x5, THSS

-Dedicated Land Raider Crusader, Multi-melta

-Tactical Squad x10, Power Fist, Bolter-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Launcher in a Rhino with extra armor.

-Tactical Squad x10, Power Fist, Bolter-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Launcher in a Drop Pod.

-Ironclad Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer, Hurricane Bolter, Ironclad launchers in a Drop Pod.

-Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannons

-Scouts x5, Power Fist

-Land Speeder Storm, HB

-3x Land Speeder Tornadoes, MM/HF

Mission: Annnhilation (Kill points), Setup: Dawn of War (table halves)

Setup: Hector won setup roll, deployed 2 boyz squads in trukks in the center of the board.  Dario placed a tactical squad in a building.  Sicarius' special rule gave this tatsquad Counter Charge, which came in handy!  Dario did not sieze the initiative, so Hector went first.

Above: the setup.

Dario's tatsquad in the building.

Turn 1: Hector

Hector moved up with one trukk near the building and got the squad of orks out.  The other trukk moved up and tried to shoot, foiled by night-fight.  The squad of orks got a lucky pistol shot and killed a Space Marine!

Turn 1: Dario

Dario moved his tactical squad up and out of the building (mostly).  Dual flamer fire from the sergeant and regular flamer, along with bolters, lowered the ork squad size to 5.  Orks failed their morale check, but passed after a bosspole re-roll kills another ork.  Ironclad dread came down, but a bad scatter moved it away from the trukk.  It failed to do damage with its hurricane bolters.

4 orks left after the Bosspole re-roll.

Too far for a flamer!

Turn 2: Hector

Battlewagon, another trukk, and the looted wagon full of tankbustas come on.  Tankbustas move 13" toward the Ironclad.  Wagon moves up 13", Trukk 19" keeping close enough for the KFF cover save.  Orks get out of trukk by Ironclad dread and move toward the Rhino.  Trukk tries to ram Ironclad against my STRONG OPINION.  The trukk is smashed by a Death or Glory attack.  Remaining 4 orks charge the Tactical Squad, which counter-charges.  Marines win combat by 3, orks break and are run down.  Marines consolidate towards the Rhino.

Turn 2: Dario

Sicarius, Terminators, and Land Raider drive on behind the Rhino, and the Land Speeders show up.  Land Speeders fry an ork squad down to 3, which passes its check.  Land Raider guns don't do much to a trukk.  Marines enter Rhino.  Ironclad moves up to shoot orks.

End of Turn 2

Land Raider is coming!

These orks keep their cool.

Lots of lads!

Turn 3: Hector

Hector calls the WAAAAGH!  Another boys squad in the yellow trukk comes on.  Ork squad moves 13" in trukk, runs 4.  Other 3-ork squad moves and runs 6.  Battlewagon moves up 13" but Nobs only run 1...  Blue trukk drives away.  Tankbustas drive up 13", run 5" and assault the Ironclad Dread.  Despite the defensive grenades robbing them of their charge bonus, the Tankhammers blow up the Ironclad, and only 4 tankbustas survive!  Both orks squads assault the Rhino, and immobilize it.

Turn 3: Dario

Sicarius and his terminators move up, and get out in front of the Nob Squad.  Tac squad arrives via Drop Pod behind Battlewagon, but another bad scatter pushes them almost to the board edge. Scouts arrive and move 24" in Storm. Marines in rhino get out and kill some of the Orks by their Rhino, conveniently hiding in a choke point between the tanks.  Storm Bolter on Dreadnought Drop Pod kills one Tankbusta, who make morale check.  Land Speeders pepper the Nobs, killing 2 and putting one more wound out.  Sicarius and the Terminators charge.  3 terminators die but all of the Nobs except the Big Mek go down.  Big Mek flees...2 inches.

End of Turn 3

Whats left after the big fight...


Turn 4: Hector

Mek runs...5 more inches.  Yellow and blue trukks move up for shots on the land speeders.  Squad in yellow trukk jumps out to assault Sicarius and Terminator.  3-ork squad turns around to charge the land speeders.  Deff Rolla crushes Sicarius!  Terminator survives long enough to be charged by the squad from the yellow trukk, and dies.  Massive big shoota fire against the land speeders has no effect.  Surviving ork squad charges through the chokepoint, combat drawn.  Tankbustas assault the Drop Pod and kill it.  Bikes arrive and damage the Land Speeder Storm, removing the Heavy Bolter.

Turn4: Dario

Rifle Dread arrives and kills the remaining Tankbustas.  Land Speeders move up and annhilate the Ork squad that killed the Terminator.  Tactical Squad moves up and assaults Battlewagon with Krak Grenades, it explodes and 2 marines die.  Land Speeder Storm moves another 24".  Three marines die in the assault at the chokepoint, but they don't flee.  Land Raider gives a no shoot result to the blue trukk.

End of Turn 4

There used to be a battlewagon here.  Now?  Not so much.

Fighting in a chokepoint can get ugly!

Turn 5: Hector

Looted Wagon and surviving trukk move up.  All trukks open fire on Land Speeders, one gets a shaken result.  Mek continues to flee.  Bikes move up 12" and fire on the fleeing Land Speeder Storm, but only give it one shaken result.  Combat in the chokepoint is a draw again.  Yellow Trukk, which has a Shaken result, tank shocks the Tactical Squad, does nothing.

Turn 5: Dario

Rifle Dread blasts 2 bikers, who fail their check and flee just to the edge of the board.  Land Speeders ineffecually chip at the Looted Wagon and Trukk.  Tactical Squad in the chokepoint is reduced to the Sergeant only, who kills all 3 remaining orks!  He consolidates into the Rhino.  Land Raider kills blue trukk.  Tactical Squad perform an AMAZING feat, as they assault the Trukk, which recieves the Trukk "Kareen!" result, Kareens 16" directly toward the 3-ork squad, and explodes, killing all but the Nob who breaks and flees!  Scouts get out and assault the trukk, but whiff on every attack.  Game continues to 6th turn.

End of Turn 5.

Warbikers fear the rifle Dread...

Now THAT'S what I call a trick shot!  A trukk knocked into an ork squad, exploding, and breaking them!

Turn 6: Hector

Bikes rally, consolidate.  Mek runs just shy of the board edge.  Looted Wagon and red trukk concentrate fire on land speeders.  No effect.

Turn 6: Dario

Rifle Dread kills another 2 bikers, they hold.  Land Speeders move 24" to ensure the Mek runs off the table if there is a turn 7.  Land Raider kills Looted Wagon.  Scouts kill trukk.  Game ends.

End of game.

The only unbroken Ork unit, the bikes, decide it's not worth it and go home.

Final kill points.  Dario (Azure Flames): 13, Hector (Orks): 5.  Space Marine Victory!


100th post! A Victory! Ork collection complete!

For my 100th post, I'll share some thoughts on the first strand: Modeling.  One of the biggest parts is choosing your miniatures.  The new pewter Ork Kommandos are hideous and I will not have them in my army, except for this model:

I'm not sure I like the Grot's face, but that Nob is fantastic.  Until now I haven't figured out a way to get this specific model without buying the ugly ones.  I just won this model (and no others) on ebay.

Now there is no spot in my Ork army that I feel is not filled.  I had Loudmouf Sneakkilla as the upgrade-character nob but I always wanted a regular Nob with a power klaw.  Now I'll have one.

So what do I have for the Orks?

-HQ: Poindexta Smartyskull, Manik Upzindownz, Kajun Gogwurr, Dok Gillgivva, Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun and Power Klaw, Big Mek with Kustom Force Field, Burna, and Attack Squig.

-Elites: 10 Nobs in Mega Armour, 16 regular Nobz with various weapons and WAAAAGH banner, 15 Lootas, 15 Burnas, Mek with Kustom Mega Blasta, 15 Kommandos with (just ordered) regular Nob and Loudmouf Sneakkilla. 10 Dedicated Nob Bikers with Dok.

-Troops: Loads of Shootas and Sluggas.  20 Grots and 2 Slavers.  4 Trukks.

-Fast Attack: 15 Stormboyz with Rukkstud 'Andfoot, 10 warbikers with Nob, 3 Deffkoptas with Rokkits, 3 with buzzsaws

-Heavy Support: Fully Modular Battlewagon, fully modular looted chimera, fully modular Deffdread, 3 fully modular Killa Kans, and 8 Flash Gitz with Da Grand Baron Skippy von Peanut Butta.

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