Wait, what?  How can I fight myself?  Easy, by having others do the fighitng for me.

Above, Hector and Dario (mentioned previously on Four Strands) at Pandemonium Games in Garden City.  Here’s the lists:

Hector: WAAAAGH! Smartyskull! 1850 pts

-Big Mek, KFF, Burna, Attack Squig, ‘eavy armor.

-Nobs x8, Painboy, Grot Orderly, 2x Big Choppas, 3x PKs, WAAAAGH Banner, Eavy Armor

-Battlewagon, Deff Rolla, 3x Big Shootas

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Boyz  x12, stikkboms, big shoota, Nob, PK, Bosspole in a Trukk, red paint job, armor plates, reinforced ram.

-Looted Wagon, Reinforced Ram, Big Shoota

-Tankbusta Boys x12, Nob, PK, Bosspole, 3 Bombsquigs, 2 Tankhammas

-Warbikers x8, Nob, PK, Bosspole

Dario: Azure Flames 1850pts

-Zeraf Antonius (Cato Sicarius)

-Assault Terminators x5, THSS

-Dedicated Land Raider Crusader, Multi-melta

-Tactical Squad x10, Power Fist, Bolter-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Launcher in a Rhino with extra armor.

-Tactical Squad x10, Power Fist, Bolter-Flamer, Flamer, Missile Launcher in a Drop Pod.

-Ironclad Dreadnought with Heavy Flamer, Hurricane Bolter, Ironclad launchers in a Drop Pod.

-Dreadnought, 2x TL Autocannons

-Scouts x5, Power Fist

-Land Speeder Storm, HB

-3x Land Speeder Tornadoes, MM/HF

Mission: Annnhilation (Kill points), Setup: Dawn of War (table halves)

Setup: Hector won setup roll, deployed 2 boyz squads in trukks in the center of the board.  Dario placed a tactical squad in a building.  Sicarius’ special rule gave this tatsquad Counter Charge, which came in handy!  Dario did not sieze the initiative, so Hector went first.

Above: the setup.

Dario’s tatsquad in the building.

Turn 1: Hector

Hector moved up with one trukk near the building and got the squad of orks out.  The other trukk moved up and tried to shoot, foiled by night-fight.  The squad of orks got a lucky pistol shot and killed a Space Marine!

Turn 1: Dario

Dario moved his tactical squad up and out of the building (mostly).  Dual flamer fire from the sergeant and regular flamer, along with bolters, lowered the ork squad size to 5.  Orks failed their morale check, but passed after a bosspole re-roll kills another ork.  Ironclad dread came down, but a bad scatter moved it away from the trukk.  It failed to do damage with its hurricane bolters.

4 orks left after the Bosspole re-roll.

Too far for a flamer!

Turn 2: Hector

Battlewagon, another trukk, and the looted wagon full of tankbustas come on.  Tankbustas move 13″ toward the Ironclad.  Wagon moves up 13″, Trukk 19″ keeping close enough for the KFF cover save.  Orks get out of trukk by Ironclad dread and move toward the Rhino.  Trukk tries to ram Ironclad against my STRONG OPINION.  The trukk is smashed by a Death or Glory attack.  Remaining 4 orks charge the Tactical Squad, which counter-charges.  Marines win combat by 3, orks break and are run down.  Marines consolidate towards the Rhino.

Turn 2: Dario

Sicarius, Terminators, and Land Raider drive on behind the Rhino, and the Land Speeders show up.  Land Speeders fry an ork squad down to 3, which passes its check.  Land Raider guns don’t do much to a trukk.  Marines enter Rhino.  Ironclad moves up to shoot orks.

End of Turn 2

Land Raider is coming!

These orks keep their cool.

Lots of lads!

Turn 3: Hector

Hector calls the WAAAAGH!  Another boys squad in the yellow trukk comes on.  Ork squad moves 13″ in trukk, runs 4.  Other 3-ork squad moves and runs 6.  Battlewagon moves up 13″ but Nobs only run 1…  Blue trukk drives away.  Tankbustas drive up 13″, run 5″ and assault the Ironclad Dread.  Despite the defensive grenades robbing them of their charge bonus, the Tankhammers blow up the Ironclad, and only 4 tankbustas survive!  Both orks squads assault the Rhino, and immobilize it.

Turn 3: Dario

Sicarius and his terminators move up, and get out in front of the Nob Squad.  Tac squad arrives via Drop Pod behind Battlewagon, but another bad scatter pushes them almost to the board edge. Scouts arrive and move 24″ in Storm. Marines in rhino get out and kill some of the Orks by their Rhino, conveniently hiding in a choke point between the tanks.  Storm Bolter on Dreadnought Drop Pod kills one Tankbusta, who make morale check.  Land Speeders pepper the Nobs, killing 2 and putting one more wound out.  Sicarius and the Terminators charge.  3 terminators die but all of the Nobs except the Big Mek go down.  Big Mek flees…2 inches.

End of Turn 3

Whats left after the big fight…


Turn 4: Hector

Mek runs…5 more inches.  Yellow and blue trukks move up for shots on the land speeders.  Squad in yellow trukk jumps out to assault Sicarius and Terminator.  3-ork squad turns around to charge the land speeders.  Deff Rolla crushes Sicarius!  Terminator survives long enough to be charged by the squad from the yellow trukk, and dies.  Massive big shoota fire against the land speeders has no effect.  Surviving ork squad charges through the chokepoint, combat drawn.  Tankbustas assault the Drop Pod and kill it.  Bikes arrive and damage the Land Speeder Storm, removing the Heavy Bolter.

Turn4: Dario

Rifle Dread arrives and kills the remaining Tankbustas.  Land Speeders move up and annhilate the Ork squad that killed the Terminator.  Tactical Squad moves up and assaults Battlewagon with Krak Grenades, it explodes and 2 marines die.  Land Speeder Storm moves another 24″.  Three marines die in the assault at the chokepoint, but they don’t flee.  Land Raider gives a no shoot result to the blue trukk.

End of Turn 4

There used to be a battlewagon here.  Now?  Not so much.

Fighting in a chokepoint can get ugly!

Turn 5: Hector

Looted Wagon and surviving trukk move up.  All trukks open fire on Land Speeders, one gets a shaken result.  Mek continues to flee.  Bikes move up 12″ and fire on the fleeing Land Speeder Storm, but only give it one shaken result.  Combat in the chokepoint is a draw again.  Yellow Trukk, which has a Shaken result, tank shocks the Tactical Squad, does nothing.

Turn 5: Dario

Rifle Dread blasts 2 bikers, who fail their check and flee just to the edge of the board.  Land Speeders ineffecually chip at the Looted Wagon and Trukk.  Tactical Squad in the chokepoint is reduced to the Sergeant only, who kills all 3 remaining orks!  He consolidates into the Rhino.  Land Raider kills blue trukk.  Tactical Squad perform an AMAZING feat, as they assault the Trukk, which recieves the Trukk “Kareen!” result, Kareens 16″ directly toward the 3-ork squad, and explodes, killing all but the Nob who breaks and flees!  Scouts get out and assault the trukk, but whiff on every attack.  Game continues to 6th turn.

End of Turn 5.

Warbikers fear the rifle Dread…

Now THAT’S what I call a trick shot!  A trukk knocked into an ork squad, exploding, and breaking them!

Turn 6: Hector

Bikes rally, consolidate.  Mek runs just shy of the board edge.  Looted Wagon and red trukk concentrate fire on land speeders.  No effect.

Turn 6: Dario

Rifle Dread kills another 2 bikers, they hold.  Land Speeders move 24″ to ensure the Mek runs off the table if there is a turn 7.  Land Raider kills Looted Wagon.  Scouts kill trukk.  Game ends.

End of game.

The only unbroken Ork unit, the bikes, decide it’s not worth it and go home.

Final kill points.  Dario (Azure Flames): 13, Hector (Orks): 5.  Space Marine Victory!

By Bozeman

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