Big Game VI – Introduction: An Auspicious Victory

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+++Transmitted: Johnseh Reach Research Station

+++Received: Gehenna Prime

+++Destination: Karteg’s World

+++Date: 3799984.M41

+++Telepathic Duct: Astropath-terminus Belphagor

+++Ref: Aeth/20486211/RV

+++Author: Interrogator Cardoc Io, Theta Class

+++Encryption Type: CIIX5-802b.237

+++Thought For The Day: Obedience is its own reward


The following transcript represents the final finding of my team’s research operation. We are now confident that all records of the Omega War’s origins have been fully wiped from all public records – perhaps all records outside the Ordos, and a select number of the war’s own participants. In the case of the latter, we have made arrangements that ensure that said records will remain confidential.

The recording in question was taken from the Lord Commander Vallidar’s own collection from his family home. Its origin is still unknown, but I have confirmed the voices of Gens. Obisal, Lafayette, Elcor and their command staff, as well as the Lord Commander himself (see voice analysis 41A.PX6Z, attached). It seems the Lord Commander may have possessed even more foresight than was required by his station. His final fate remains a pity.

Begin Transcription


Commander Alstar (vox): “Command we are standing by. We have neutralized all immediate enemy vessels, and we are in weapons range of the target. All towers confirm that weapons status is optimal. Ready to fire on your command.”

General Marstow: “Understood. Engage primary weaponry on my command, seven, alpha, echo-five-vermillion-nine-nine. I repeat, Omega protocol is hereby authorized. Fire the weapon.”

CA (vox): “Authorization codes received and confirmed, command. All towers, begin firing sequence in five, four, three, two o-”

[vox static overwhelms the recording at this point for several moments]

GM: [inaudible] “-do you read? Alstar, do you read?”

CA (vox): “General, I read you. The – [static] – bit of interference, here. View screens are still cycling up, I will report to you as soon as – oh…by the Throne!”

GM: “Commander?”

CA (vox): “General! General, the weapon has…it – Emperor save us, it’s…it’s unbe-”

GM: “Commander, what is the status of the target?”

CA (vox): “Sir, I can confirm that the target has been destroyed! Repeat, Tizino Prime is gone, General! Obliterated!”

[cheers erupt from the room for twelve point three seconds, and are cut off abruptly]

Lord Commander Vallidar: “Thank you, Commander Alstar. Thank you, all. This is dark work, and it should weigh on all of our souls. We have achieved no victory here, today, Commander, but your work, and the work of your men, has been commendable. May the Emperor watch over you all. Command, out.”

[murmurs of alarm and disquiet, inaudible]

General Lafayette: “My Lord, I realize your objections to this project, but it is the order of the High Lords that we -”

LCV: “Yes, General, I am aware. We have done as the High Lords have asked of us today, have we not?”

GL: “Yes, but – furthermore, we have eliminated the Arch-Heretic Galagon! I do not know if my Lord’s station allows him the luxury of receiving such petty reports, but the Lord of Plagues has cut a-”

LCV: “Allow me to assure you, General, I read every report from your sector, and sleep very little for the effort. Yes, I am aware of the depths of Galagon’s depravities, and the further horrors he would have visited on neighboring systems if he had been allowed to continue unchecked – but there were good men left on Tizino, General. They fought for us, for our cause, and they died today because we failed them.”

GM: “Sir, their cause was noble, yes, but we have done the military analysis. Nothing short of a Crusade-level commitment could have dislodged Galagon’s hold on Tizino. Pockets of resistance, small raids…as I said, Lord, they were brave, but their cause was hopeless.”

LCV: “Damn you! I’m not blind! I’ve seen those numbers, the same as you have. As every officer in this room has, as the Terran Council did. Our actions today were necessary, General. I know that, but they were cowardly actions all the same. Hopeless, you say. Pah! The Tizineans fought and bled and died for their hope. Their home. Any man who does that work deserves to face the Emperor knowing his work had meaning. We took that from them. We took the grace of a proud soldier’s death from them, and we should have the decency to feel shame for it.

[shuffling, silence]

LCV: “I am weary. This…thing we have tested today isn’t a tool of war, it’s a desperate thing. A fail-safe. We hold it in secrecy for a day we hope will never come, and I thank the He on Earth for that. Damn us for ever needing it, and I pray for the poor souls of this galaxy should the Enemy ever find this weapon in their grasp…”

Transcription Ends


I will deliver the original recording myself upon our next scheduled arrival at the Citadel. With this task finished, I will begin the investigation into the C-2 Nomad Incident, as you have requested. Expect my next report within three Standard. The galaxy’s wickedness truly never rests.

As ever your humble servant,


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