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Edna, former nurse, current Death Maiden for Razor and the Scumettes

Edna is armed with two Stiletto Swords, and with her poison blood and a Chem Synth, she can put even the beefiest combatant on the ground.

Edna is based on Nurse Edna from Maniac Mansion:

Next, more Eschers!


Necromunda Downtime Multiplayer Game and Squad Batarian, IVth squad, VIIth Company of the Imperial Fists

This weekend was a blast! Five players (not including myself) participated in a narrative six way multiplayer battle! An Inquisitor bullied the gangs into attacking an underground prison compound. Here was the board setup:

Each player got one of the 5 tiles on the top of this picture, and their goal was to kill a specific model and open the doors in the cells at the bottom. Things began cordially, and then Dan's Cawdor smoked one of Josh's Goliath's with a Krak Grenade arrow and it went downhill from there. Petra's ash waste bug monster rampages through the halls, killing at will. Zach's Palanite Enforcers went up the right side, smashing as they went.

All through this, odd things happened. The "Traitors" that the gangs were supposedly fighting had oddly accurate weaponry, and Matt's gang leader, an unsanctioned psyker, found himself trying to undo warpcraft from somewhere! Further, the target was eliminated by his own plasma pistol exploding and Dan's Cherub found something interesting on the body...

Finally, after two gangs bottled and most fighters were down, the cells were opened, to find the prisoners executed! Oh well, three players got special inquisitorial sanctions for not bottling.

After this, I managed to finish the special antagonists I've been working on: Squad Batarian, IVth Squad, VIIth Company of the Imperial Fists, stationed in the Necromunda Fortress Monastery.

In truth they've been done for a while, but I was waiting on decals. No regular Space Marine sets have black tactical arrows! I had to special order two sheets of Imperial Fist ones.

As you can see above, I did two decals, one over the other. I also added some nifty battle damage and tried to get poses to be as dynamic as I could without repeating.

Marines were sprayed Wraithbone, coated Iyanden Yellow Contrast, and then brought up with yellow and highlighted light yellow. Reds are Blood Angels Contrast. Metals are Boltgun washed with Nuln Oil. I did the bases with black spray, Boltgun, and rust pigment, stippled in places with orange. Cursive names were freehand.

Soon: more gangers and more Necromunda goodness!


Primaris Ory-Hara the Silent, Chief Librarian of the Azure Flames

In keeping with my custom of alternating Primaris and Firstborn projects, I have completed a Primaris Librarian that I've had for years but have never used much because of the lack of paint.

Considering the age of the older model for Ory-Hara, I decided that he crossed the Rubicon Primaris.


Next: my Techmarine in Full Servo Harness was severely damaged recently, so he's getting a touch up.


New Host, hackers defeated, and Suppressors complete!

I've been absent for a while, party due to personal issues, but also partly due to filthy hackers!  Fourstrands was locked.  Not for ransom, but for some sort of information hosting against my will.  It probably wasn't porn, and if it was, the bastards didn't offer to share it.

Regardless, thanks to the tireless efforts of Lexington, who understands the ways of the lightning boxes, Fourstrands is back under Dreamhost!

And none too soon!  I have a squad of Space Marine Suppressors to add to my collection!



You'll notice that I haven't used any of those dreadful new flying stands.  I instead used a pin vise to drill into the thigh areas of the models, and used an old fashioned flying base stand.

I began painting these with Lexington when I went to visit, and finished them up at a paint night at AFK games.

Next: a revamp of an Assault Squad!  Plus, various repairs to the site.


AFK Crusade: Week 2

Week 2 was full of amazing things!

Azure Flames 3rd Company Expeditionary Force

  • Captain Edgard of the 3rd Company, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Forge Master, The Salamander Mantle (+2 Crusade Points)
  • Codicier Sangamon (Librarian), Force Axe, Jump Pack, Fire Shield, Drakeskin
  • 1st Tactical Squad 3rd Company, Combi-Grav, Chainsword, Multi-melta
  • 4th Tactical Squad 3rd Company, Combi-Grav, Chainsword, Heavy Bolter
  • Chief Apothecary Luiz, Selfless Healer
  • 13th Aggressor Squad, 4th Company, Flamestorm Gauntlets
  • 7th Bike Squad 4th Company (x3), Power Fist, 2x Meltagun
  • 8th Squad 7th Company Attack Bike, Multi-Melta
  • 10th Squad Devastators, 3rd Company, 4x Grav Cannon, Armourium Cherub
  • 15th Squad Eradicators, 4th Company, Melta Rifle
  • Brother Gondalus, Techmarine Gunner
    • Thunderfire Cannon

Game one was against Doug, a previous contributor to Four Strands, with his sneaky AdMech!

Near the end, Captain Edgard marched forward and smashed into the enemy lines!

Game 1 was a victory as Doug fled with only 2 models remaining.

Next, another game against the fantastic Rob and his Howling Griffons!

Both of our first turns were extremely horrible! Plagued with bad hit rolls and worse decisions. In the End, Edgard hauled the Relic objective back to my side just in time for the game to end.

Next week, more Crusade!

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Blood Bowl Chameleon Skinks and Team Markers

With the new edition of Blood Bowl, it seems the Chameleon Skinks, previously not fantastic, are now super good! So I had to have two.

Sadly, they're hard to find by themselves, and the new models don't fit the self-built aesthetic of the Konquata Monitors.

So I ebayed up some archive Chameleon Skinks (got a good price) and stripped them, then converted them pretty hard.

Behold, the newest members of the Konquata Monitors!

The old pewter Chameleon Skinks had grenades that needed to be snipped off. Then, I shaved down the arms of some plastic Skinks and rebuilt the fingers to have two conjoined grasping fingers like a chameleon. Then I added putty here and there to cover up scars from the grenade clipping.

Sadly, the two sculpts I got were the same (there used to be two) but that only make my creative juices flow for ways to differentiate them. Ehecatl had a hole drilled in his mouth, and pinned with a paperclip length. To the end, I puttied a sticky tongue, and then sculpted a Blue Morpho butterfly.

Each player of course has Genestealer armor plates for shoulder pads, decorated with their number in Mayan numerals. They also have Nahautl names.

I wasn't done! With the first season box set I had, there were no card tokens to keep track of turn, re-rolls, and score. So I raided my bitz and found suitable pieces for the Monitors as well as the Grimfang Scrappaz.

Now I'll be playing in style!

Next: more batreps and some Infiltrators!


Double Header – Azure Flames vs XVI Legion Primaris @ home!

COVID sucks. You can't go to places because some people just can't seem to wear masks. So, here I am with a big empty dining room table, old boards from Studio 40K, but only a handful of craters and no other terrain.

Luckily, long time Fourstrands contributor Thomas has been amassing terrain in hopes someone has boards! So we had some (socially distanced) 40K in my dining room!

Our original plan was for multiple games on one day, but delays forced us to split them between two days. It's time for a batrep double header!

Bozeman - Azure Flames (Salamanders) 2000 points

  • Battalion
    • Captain, Warlord, Exemplar of the Promethean Creed, Forge Master, Miraculous Constitution, The Salamander Mantle
    • Librarian, Fire Shield, Drakeskin, Fury of Nocturne, The Tome of Vel'cona (-1CP)
    • Lieutenant, Chainsword, Combi-Plasma
    • Intercessors x10, Thunder Hammer, Bolt Rifles, 1x Grenade Launcher
    • Tactical Squad x6, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer
    • Agressors x3, Flamestorm Gauntlets
    • Apothecary
    • Company Ancient, Combi Melta
    • Servitors, 2x Heavy Bolter
    • Sternguard Veterans x10, Power Fist, 10x Combi-Grav
    • Terminators x7, 1x Assault Cannon, 1x Chainfist
    • Devastators x5, Armourium Cherub, 4x Grav Cannon
    • Devastators x5, Armourium Cherub, 2x Lascannon, 1x Missile Launcher, 1x Heavy Bolter
    • Thunderfire Cannon

Thomas - XVI Legion Successors (counts as Imperial Fists)

  • Battalion
    • Captain, Combi-Melta, The Fist of Dorn, Warlord
    • Phobos Librarian
    • Primaris Chaplain
    • Intercessors x5, Bolt Rifles, Power Fist
    • Intercessors x5, Bolt Rifles, Power Fist
    • Incursors x10, mine
    • Reivers x5, Grapple hooks
    • Reivers x5, Grapple hooks
    • Gladiator Valiant
    • 10x Cataphractii Terminators, Power Sword, 9x Lightning Claws, 2x Reaper Autocannon, 8x Combi Bolter
    • Primaris Apothecary
    • Invictor Warsuit, Ironhail Autocannon
    • Relic Contemptor Dreadnought, 2x Twin Linked Heavy Bolter

Mission - Overrun

Long Board Edges, 6 objectives. Control 2, 3, and more than the opponent for 5VP each, cumulative, cannot be scored on the first turn.


Not pictured. Thunderfire was to my extreme right. Tactical and Grav Sternguard on my right objective. Agressors, Grav Devastators, and characters on my center objective. Terminators and Tactical on my right objective. Devs and Servitors on my left flank.

Thomas hid most large targets behind a large building. Incursors took up the center big building. Reivers infiltrated.

Turn 1 - Azure Flames

Turn not pictured. Agressors advance and the whole army fires on the Incursors and Warsuit, eliminating them. Intercessors get a lucky charge on the Phobos Librarian but whiff and he cuts a few down in return.

Turn 1 - XVI Legion

Intercessors charge the Azure Flames Intercessors, but can't save the Librarian.  Shots do a bit of damage here and there.  Left flank Devs are reduced to one Lascannon.

Turn 2 - Azure Flames

The Azure Flames Intercessors are removed by the XVI Legion Intercessors in the building. Apothecary restores an Aggressor and they take the center crater. Librarian does first of three rituals for VP, but then Perils! Terminators move up and do a small amount of damage.

Turn 2 - XVI Legion

Aggressors get vaped by the Gladiator, and the Terminators take some wounds off the Ancient and the Captain. Reiver squads arrive on the left flank and behind me.  Contemptor emerges and blasts a Tactical squad.

Turn 3 - Azure Flames

Terminators Charge, doing surprisingly little damage and taking surprisingly little in return. Lone Tactical Sergeant punches the Contemptor to death after the lone Lascannon pops off a shot. Tactical squad on the right flank captures an objective.

After this, we decided it was getting late and Thomas ceded.

In this mission, getting objectives is the key. For turns 2 and 3 I got 15 VPs for the primary objective while Thomas got 0. This was a bit odd for this list as it was designed to castle up.

Next Batrep!

Bozeman - Azure Flames (Salamanders)\

  • Batallion
    • Captain, Warlord, Exemplar of the Promethean Creed, Forge Master, Miraculous Constitution, The Salamander Mantle
    • Librarian, Might of Heroes, Null Zone
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer
    • Company Champion
    • Sternguard x10, Power Fist, 10x Combi-Grav
    • Sternguard x10, Power Fist, 10x Combi-Melta
    • Assault Squad x5, 2x Flamer
    • Land Raider Crusader, Multi-Melta, Hunter-Killer Missile
    • Razorback, Twin Linked Heavy Bolter
    • Rhino
    • Rhino
    • Rhino

Thomas - XVI Legion Successors (Imperial Fists)

Note: Thomas' list was the same as above.

Mission: Vital Intelligence

In this mission, objectives that you capture stay yours until an opponent captures them. Controlling 2, 3 and more than your opponent gives 5VP each.


Turn 1 - XVI Legion

Shooting pops a Rhino on the left flank killing 4 Marines as they disembark. Another Rhino is crippled.

Turn 1 - Azure Flames

Both Sternguard squads disembark and shoot up the Incursors. A Rhino blocks the Objective. Assault Squad runs to another Objective. Land Raider puts some decent wounds on the Gladiator.

Turn 2 - XVI Legion

Terminators pop the Rhino on the right and FIVE marines die! As Intercessors charge the Land Raider, Melta Tacticals overwatch with Born Heroes and countercharge! Warsuit charges the Rhino and damages it, while Contemptor charges the Tactical marines and gets punched hard!

Turn 2 - Azure Flames

Rhino falls back and the Melta Sternguard wipe the Invictor and a few Incursors. Tacticals punch the Contemptor again doing a bit of damage. Land Raider shoots the Intercessors to death, freeing the Tactical Marines to shoot the Terminators, and charge a lone Intercessor, killing him and then consolidating into the path of the Terminators so they can't move forward as easily! Turn not pictured.

Turn 3 - XVI Legion

Terminators annihilate the Tactical Marines and the Assault Marines! Contemptor shoots the Tactical Marines to death in combat!

Turn 3 - Azure Flames

Last Rhino advances to steal the objective on the right. Last Incursor is eliminated which frees up the Melta Sternguard to fire at all four Characters! All four are eliminated! Land Raider finishes off the Gladiator!

Turn 4 - XVI Legion

Ternimators charge the Land Raider and do some wounds. Contemptor charges the Rhino and somehow takes one wound.

Turn 4 - Azure Flames

Contemptor and Rhino stare at each other angrily. Melta fire kills 4/5 of an Intercessor squad in the gray building. Terminators continue to fight the Land Raider.

Turn 5 - XVI Legion

Contemptor whiffs on shooting and the Rhino does another close combat wound! Terminators continue struggle.

Turn 5 - Azure Flames

Boxcars SUPER SMITE wipes TWO Terminators! Shooting kills all but one with one wound. The Rhino kills the Contemptor with a lucky Bolt round. Captain executes the last Intercessor. Finally, in close combat, the Land Raider removes the last wound from the last Terminator. Tabled.

Once again, I was pulling down 15 VP per turn. 9th ed is all about going fast, hanging tough, and dishing out damage, in that order. If you get objectives it doesn't matter if your models are dying as long as you keep those objectives.

Next: More batreps hopefully and some Infiltrators!

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Judicar and Indominus Project Complete!

My Judicar is finally complete after some holiday related delays!

I did a head swap with the helmeted Captain head from Indominus, after filling the cross shaped hole with putty. I also added a flame to the left shoulder pad.

I wasn't brave enough to do Dynamic Lighting on Antonius, but because i cared less about the Judicar I gave it a shot and it worked quite well!

Finally, the Indominus Project is complete!

Steely eyed veterans of MSU's Studio 40K circa 2000-2005 will remember these boards!

It took longer than I wanted, but that was mostly because I imposed a strict protocol of Primaris -> Squad touchup and decals -> Firstborn -> Squad touchup and decals, repeat. In the end I've made tons of progress and I'm raring for more!

Speaking of more, here's a touchup to five more Devastator Bolters:

Next: a relatively boring update as I'm making more Hunter Killer missiles and blank hatches for Land Raiders and other sundry tanks. I need more options and what I have doesn't cut it. Plus more decals!

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Razorback Assault Cannon Turrets and Devastator Bolter Touchups

For a while, I've had to cannibalize the twin linked Assault Cannon from my Land Raiders when using that option on a Razorback.

No more.

With these Forge World beauties, I can now take another extremely viable weapon option as a support!

For touch ups, I decided to keep it simple. I chose five Devastator bolter marines painted recently, so they shouldn't need too many touch ups, right?


It is amazing how these models that I painted for 7th edition (to better fill out a Demi Company) has so many mistakes, mould lines, and missed details. One was even overprimed and a little stay-puft-y. But they are in much better condition.

That's not to say great. These are the Assault on Black Reach snap-fit marines. They are actually kind of awful sculpts. The collar on the back of the head is too high and blends into the head. There are a lot of 3D modelling errors such as cables on the arm/shoulder junction that look distorted. The poses leave a bit to be desired.

But they're good enough for Tabletop Standard!

Next: The Judicar, last of the models in my Indominus Project, and another five Devastator Bolters!


Indominus Primaris Lieutenant Sandeep, leader of the Lightguard, and Shotgun Scout touchups with decals

My Primaris lieutenant is complete! Formerly Sergeant Sandeep of the Lightguard, now Lieutenant of the 4th Company, seconded to Captain Antonius.

In addition, I spent a while fixing up my old shotgun scouts! I used them all the time in 3rd where they were the superior choice to Bolter scouts. Indeed, in Antonius' backstory, he used a Shotgun as a scout, meaning these august and weary models represented him and his squad!

These were some of the first models I painted and it shows. Almost two decades of wear made them a challenge to touch up. In addition, some of their faces made them look like they had just seen the Ark of the Covenant open. Why didn't they get a touch up until now? Guess I just didn't think about it.

Now, however, they have a nice touch up and snazzy decals! Next: Sniper Scout Sergeants!

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