Big Game V – Introduction: The Sword

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One of the most powerful artifacts in the galaxy is the Daemonsword Ba’arzunipal.  This sword was forged by a madman in the depths of the Eye of Terror, and contains a powerful warp-entity that feeds on souls.  It grants unstoppable power to whoever wields it.

In a rare display of cooperation, the Chaos Gods chose the fallen Space Marine, Matthius, to be their prophet.  Matthius would shepherd the blade, but never use it.  Instead, he scoured the galaxy for one the gods deemed worthy of Ba’arzunipal’s power.

Matthius found a worthy candidate in Inquisitor Victor Kalan.  His jealousy over the ascension to Living Sainthood that his brother Angmar Kalan earned drove Victor to burn a swath of destruction through the galaxy.

Ba’arzunipal was not alone in Victor Kalan’s arsenal.  Kalan also wore a black jewel known as the Heart of Zaral.  Impossibly, this gave him the power to compel the service of Orks, Necrons, and even an offshoot of Hive Fleet Behemoth.  Kalan forged these forces into the Alliance, and laid siege to the infamous Fortress World of Krinosa.  Despite fighting valiantly, Krinosa fell to the Alliance.

Angmar Kalan, Living Saint, personally led the Imperial response to Krinosa.  Wielding a sword said to have been held by The Emperor at the Siege of Terra, he led a strike force into the heart of the Alliance.

During a raging battle in Krinosa’s capitol, Angmar Kalan finally confronted his brother, Victor.  The battle slowed as both sides watched these champions clash.  In the end, Angmar slew Victor, but at the cost of his own life.  As both bodies lay still on the battlefield, Ork Warboss Grimgull retrieved Ba’arzunipal.  Under the leadership of this hulking warlord, Alliance forces once again drove Imperials from Krinosa.

Leadership of the Alliance changed hands several times, and its cohesion slowly decayed.  Matthius retrieved the Daemonsword, and began his quest anew for one worthy to wield it.  Dark whispers in the warp say he may have succeeded.  Prophets and madmen speak of a new master who is re-forging the forces of the Alliance to a dark purpose.  They have been executed as heretics, but the rumors persist.

Something Dark is about to shake the foundations of the Galaxy…

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