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August 31, 2011
31 Aug/11

Good news: The Big Game V fluff now extends to Chapter 20!

In going through these files, I had to do some things to make them work with this new format.  First (and most drastic) I added the Intro.  This is brand new.  The original Big Game V fluff was written by Joe, Lexington, and myself during the year-long preparation for the Big Game.  Originally posted on a forum Lexington created, everyone involved knew some stuff about the previous Big Games.  Not so for the rest of the internet.  I created the Intro to give a back story, so that new readers would not be confused.

Next, there were several gramatical errors (even in the final version!)  On top of that, before I found the best way to transfer the text, several key factors, such as bold and italics got lost.  I manually fixed them.

Finally, and most hesitantly, I did add one extra feature to one chapter so far.  Recently, I read Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s Soul Hunter.  An incredible novel, I highly recommend it and its sequel, Blood Reaver.  One of the characters is a Navigator, and Dembski-Bowden added the fact that seeing a Navigator’s third eye causes death.  I added two lines to chapter seventeen to reflect this fluff, out of respect to Dembski-Bowden.  Even though this chapter was written by Joe.

So, why the picture of Jorge at the top of the post?  Because these changes were not made just to throw extra stuff in there.  This was an homage to Dembski-Bowden’s work and the 40K background.  This story worked well because it was a collaborative effort between Joe, Lexington, and myself.  No one controlled everything.  In fact, Lexington and I came near to blows about a part of the fluff (happily left out as we had no Necron players.)

My point?  Art can be great, but art in an echo chamber where you control everything yourself can be self-indulgent.  Other viewpoints, such as a co-writer, (or two) and a forum of fans can provide additional thoughts you wouldn’t normally get.

Finally, I’d like to thank Joe and Lexington for their work on this story, as well as Scott for making the Big Game V possible and all the players in Big Game V for giving us ideas for their characters.

Stay tuned!  Or, because this is the Internet, bookmark and subscribe to the RSS feed.  There’s more to come for the Big Game V story, PLUS pics of the Lightguard and Scion Minis soon!

Edit: Lexington approves!

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Big Game V Fluff now available!

August 28, 2011
28 Aug/11

Long ago, my friends and I put on some huge games of 40K.  The largest and most enjoyable was the last one, Big Game V, of which I have spoken several times on this blog.  During the year-long buildup, myself, Lexington, and our friend Joe wrote an entire novel-sized story for background.

Check out the “Features” section to the right.  The Big Game V link will take you to the stories we wrote for this game.  Only the first 5 chapters are up now, but it does include a brand new Introduction which summarizes the backgrounds of the previous Big Games and sets the stage for Big Game V.

Check often, as more chapters will be added soon!

EDIT: First 10 chapters available!

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On my Plate: 8/26

August 26, 2011
26 Aug/11

– The Lightguard – Current project going great!  Just cleaned mold lines, and added bolter straps.  Got some Dark Elf Corsair Raider cloaks on order for Salamander Mantles!  That’s right, EACH of the Lightguard has participated in the Salamander Hunt.

– Scion Minis – Have to finish the last one, and paint them all.

– Menoth Starter Box – Build, make scheme, paint.  Easy.

– Epic Orks – Need to do another formation.  Perhaps bikes?  Then finish the rest of the 3000pts.

– Azure Flames – Once the Lightguard is done, I have another secret project.  Might have to do it in early 2012 if Lexington plans things accordingly.  The 40K universe is moving on into the 41st Millenium, and the Azure Flames are coming along with an advancement to their fluff.  Keep your eyes peeled on Four Strands, loyal viewers, all three of you!

– Orks – I think I should do SOMETHING before it gets cold out.

– Saratogans – Bottom of the stack.  Sorry boys and girls.

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Work in progress: The Lightguard

August 25, 2011
25 Aug/11

Here’s a look at the secret project I hinted at: The Lightguard, The Honor Guard for Chapter Master Perseus hand-picked by Leonidas of the 1st Company.

First, when forming the idea, I wanted the Lightguard to look unique.  This led me to the Forge World website where I saw the MK IV Maximus Armour Marines.  I ordered those for the basis.

Next, I wanted a Standard, Four Relic Blades, and a Thunder Hammer on the Champion.  I managed to win an ebay auction for just such a combo from the Grey Knights sprue.

Then, I let my imagination run wild.  I started with the standard bearer.  (standard lovingly donated by Lexington of Aurora Chapter and Dice Abide)  For this arm (and most of the others) I clipped out the fist and carefully carved the remainder out to be replaced by the plastic standard bearer hand.  I then carefully removed the vambrance and attached it to the lower part of the standard bearer arm.

For the Bolter Straps, I took some putty, rolled it out, and flattened the snake to make a thin strap, then cut it to make the width uniform.  This was glued in place on the bolters (in the proper REVERSE fashion, which is how they would hang).  I then added the clasp with more putty.

A lot of the Grey Knights swords are being held two-handed.  I had to do some trickory to get them to be one handed.  In fact, one is still incomplete.

Look at the Standard Bearer greaves.  The flame details were custom sculpted.  I plan on adding these details to both legs for all five marines.

Next, check out the dynamic pose on the marine running, swinging the sword.  DAMN.  The putty strap is strong enough to hold the bolter in midair to simulate movement.  I am very proud of this conversion.

Finally, all of the backpacks have putty molds of the Brazier from the Vampire Counts Corpse Cart sprue.  I could only find ONE on the internet despite months of searches.  The putty molds came out pretty good, and will be touched up a bit.

Next: Finished Lightguard and I paint my Scion characters.  After that, MENOTH STARTER BOX.

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Scion Mini “Carrie” Painted; a fond farewell!

August 22, 2011
22 Aug/11

Sadly, one of my players dropped out of my Scion game.  However, I painted her miniature for her and assured her she could come back at any time.

Above, see Carrie,  Once again, based on the “Lucky” model from Dark Age.  I kept Lucky’s red hair because Carrie is Irish.  I added freckles!  A first for me!  I also did custom detailing on the stomach buckler (a raven for her birth mother, The Morrigan) and on the holster (a Cadeuceus, for her adopted father, Hermes).  Note that since the previous picture, I’ve cut out the bayonettes and lengthened the hair with putty.

Next: More Scion Minis?  …or a secret project I’ve been working on?

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Custom Miniatures for Scion Game

August 16, 2011
16 Aug/11

Back from Gen Con, and I’ve been working hard on a super secret project.  I bought several Reaper Chronoscope minis, and have converted them to model the characters in my Scion tabletop RPG.  Let’s have a look!

Up first is Kemo, Scion of Huitzilopochitli, the Aztec god of war.  Kemo wields the Sword of Freedom, a machete that spilt the blood of Conquistadors.  He also wears the “Hummingbeater,” an undershirt made of hummingbird feathers that works as a bulletproof vest without the weight. Kemo was made from the Terrel, Zombie Survivor mini with the head of Rex, Dark Future Hero, and a Machete from the Modern Weapons sprue.   The gun and nightstick were removed.  I added an index finger to make Kemo pointing at his next victim.  I then filed down the hair, and sculpted newer, longer hair.  I then sculpted the Hummingbeater with putty, and a piece of drinking straw desinged to make a “U” shape.

Next is Seth, Scion of Thoth.  He uses the Agent Smith body with the Daniel Sterling Head.  I Got rid of the Neuralyser and Raygun and added a custom sculpted Ankh and a Rifle.  I’m working on his custom Guitar Case.  I also flattened the bridge of the nose to make him look less European.

Next is Carrie, Scion of Hermes.  Carrie is Lucky from Dark Age.  I clipped the pistol and holster, and added a modified Dark Elf Crossbow from Warhammer, as well as a holster of bolts.  Lucky has pants with only one leg, so I sculpted the other pant leg to make it more even.  I also modded her odd sandals into boots.

Last but not least is Church, Scion of Thor.  Church is the Rex, Dark Future Hero body with the Terrel, Zombie Survivor head.  I filed off the bandana and added hair.  I then filled out the cheeks to make Curch look like Terrence Howard.  Next, I added the chain using putty, tweeezers, and a pin tool.  I then added the Raido Rune Pendant, carving teh rune with the pin tool.  I replaced the hand with a pistol hand from the Modern Weapons sprue, and sculpted a combat glove.

On order is a special mini for my 5th player.  More details, and paint jobs soon!

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Epic Deathskulls “Looted” Gunwagons!

August 3, 2011
03 Aug/11

More Epic stuff!  At first glance, these don’t appear to be up to my normal painting standard, but look closer.  Deathskulls are notorious thieves, and what better way to represent that than by having the Deathskulls steal from other klanz and hastily repaint the tanks?

All the above tanks were painted according to the Goff, Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, or Blood Axe scheme, and then sloppily painted over with good ol’ Deathskull blue.  Several areas were “missed” to let the old paint job be seen.  You can see Bad Moon logos, Blood Axe camo, and even Goff cheker patterns through the blue.  I even added “drips” of blue paint to make the job look more recent, as if they’re rolling into battle with wet paint!

On top of that, this formation has two kustom converted Gunwagons with Supa Zzap Gunz.  These are 40K Ork Slaver Grot Prods, tucked into Tau Battlesuit shoulders, and decorated.  One with a razor shoulderpad, the other with horns cut from a 40K Nob head.  I’m really proud of these simple conversions.

Next: Gen Con reporting!  Expect some awesome pix, especially if I see some cool armies or mods!

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Epic Ork Warband and Stompas!

August 1, 2011
01 Aug/11

I’ve been busy, so I’m glad I got these Epic Orks done before Gen Con!  As you can see, the warband is complete with2 Nob, 6 Boys and 2 Grot stands.

When I was done with these, I put them in mt Epic Orks case and found a surprise from last year’s Gen Con.  Three Stompas, almost completely painted.  I took about half an hour adding a few more details and cleaning up the paint job, and then based them.  Two formations in one day!

Next: Look for updates from Gen Con starting this Friday!  Also, my next Epic Ork formation is a Blitz Brigade with 9 gunwagons and 2 Supa Zzap Gun upgrades!

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