Here’s a look at the secret project I hinted at: The Lightguard, The Honor Guard for Chapter Master Perseus hand-picked by Leonidas of the 1st Company.

First, when forming the idea, I wanted the Lightguard to look unique.  This led me to the Forge World website where I saw the MK IV Maximus Armour Marines.  I ordered those for the basis.

Next, I wanted a Standard, Four Relic Blades, and a Thunder Hammer on the Champion.  I managed to win an ebay auction for just such a combo from the Grey Knights sprue.

Then, I let my imagination run wild.  I started with the standard bearer.  (standard lovingly donated by Lexington of Aurora Chapter and Dice Abide)  For this arm (and most of the others) I clipped out the fist and carefully carved the remainder out to be replaced by the plastic standard bearer hand.  I then carefully removed the vambrance and attached it to the lower part of the standard bearer arm.

For the Bolter Straps, I took some putty, rolled it out, and flattened the snake to make a thin strap, then cut it to make the width uniform.  This was glued in place on the bolters (in the proper REVERSE fashion, which is how they would hang).  I then added the clasp with more putty.

A lot of the Grey Knights swords are being held two-handed.  I had to do some trickory to get them to be one handed.  In fact, one is still incomplete.

Look at the Standard Bearer greaves.  The flame details were custom sculpted.  I plan on adding these details to both legs for all five marines.

Next, check out the dynamic pose on the marine running, swinging the sword.  DAMN.  The putty strap is strong enough to hold the bolter in midair to simulate movement.  I am very proud of this conversion.

Finally, all of the backpacks have putty molds of the Brazier from the Vampire Counts Corpse Cart sprue.  I could only find ONE on the internet despite months of searches.  The putty molds came out pretty good, and will be touched up a bit.

Next: Finished Lightguard and I paint my Scion characters.  After that, MENOTH STARTER BOX.

By Bozeman

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