– The Lightguard – Current project going great!  Just cleaned mold lines, and added bolter straps.  Got some Dark Elf Corsair Raider cloaks on order for Salamander Mantles!  That’s right, EACH of the Lightguard has participated in the Salamander Hunt.

– Scion Minis – Have to finish the last one, and paint them all.

– Menoth Starter Box – Build, make scheme, paint.  Easy.

– Epic Orks – Need to do another formation.  Perhaps bikes?  Then finish the rest of the 3000pts.

– Azure Flames – Once the Lightguard is done, I have another secret project.  Might have to do it in early 2012 if Lexington plans things accordingly.  The 40K universe is moving on into the 41st Millenium, and the Azure Flames are coming along with an advancement to their fluff.  Keep your eyes peeled on Four Strands, loyal viewers, all three of you!

– Orks – I think I should do SOMETHING before it gets cold out.

– Saratogans – Bottom of the stack.  Sorry boys and girls.

By Bozeman

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