Back from Gen Con, and I’ve been working hard on a super secret project.  I bought several Reaper Chronoscope minis, and have converted them to model the characters in my Scion tabletop RPG.  Let’s have a look!

Up first is Kemo, Scion of Huitzilopochitli, the Aztec god of war.  Kemo wields the Sword of Freedom, a machete that spilt the blood of Conquistadors.  He also wears the “Hummingbeater,” an undershirt made of hummingbird feathers that works as a bulletproof vest without the weight. Kemo was made from the Terrel, Zombie Survivor mini with the head of Rex, Dark Future Hero, and a Machete from the Modern Weapons sprue.   The gun and nightstick were removed.  I added an index finger to make Kemo pointing at his next victim.  I then filed down the hair, and sculpted newer, longer hair.  I then sculpted the Hummingbeater with putty, and a piece of drinking straw desinged to make a “U” shape.

Next is Seth, Scion of Thoth.  He uses the Agent Smith body with the Daniel Sterling Head.  I Got rid of the Neuralyser and Raygun and added a custom sculpted Ankh and a Rifle.  I’m working on his custom Guitar Case.  I also flattened the bridge of the nose to make him look less European.

Next is Carrie, Scion of Hermes.  Carrie is Lucky from Dark Age.  I clipped the pistol and holster, and added a modified Dark Elf Crossbow from Warhammer, as well as a holster of bolts.  Lucky has pants with only one leg, so I sculpted the other pant leg to make it more even.  I also modded her odd sandals into boots.

Last but not least is Church, Scion of Thor.  Church is the Rex, Dark Future Hero body with the Terrel, Zombie Survivor head.  I filed off the bandana and added hair.  I then filled out the cheeks to make Curch look like Terrence Howard.  Next, I added the chain using putty, tweeezers, and a pin tool.  I then added the Raido Rune Pendant, carving teh rune with the pin tool.  I replaced the hand with a pistol hand from the Modern Weapons sprue, and sculpted a combat glove.

On order is a special mini for my 5th player.  More details, and paint jobs soon!

By Bozeman

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