More Epic stuff!  At first glance, these don’t appear to be up to my normal painting standard, but look closer.  Deathskulls are notorious thieves, and what better way to represent that than by having the Deathskulls steal from other klanz and hastily repaint the tanks?

All the above tanks were painted according to the Goff, Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, or Blood Axe scheme, and then sloppily painted over with good ol’ Deathskull blue.  Several areas were “missed” to let the old paint job be seen.  You can see Bad Moon logos, Blood Axe camo, and even Goff cheker patterns through the blue.  I even added “drips” of blue paint to make the job look more recent, as if they’re rolling into battle with wet paint!

On top of that, this formation has two kustom converted Gunwagons with Supa Zzap Gunz.  These are 40K Ork Slaver Grot Prods, tucked into Tau Battlesuit shoulders, and decorated.  One with a razor shoulderpad, the other with horns cut from a 40K Nob head.  I’m really proud of these simple conversions.

Next: Gen Con reporting!  Expect some awesome pix, especially if I see some cool armies or mods!

By Bozeman

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