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Loads of Ladz

For my Epic Teaching list for the Orks, I included a 'Uge Ork formation, which is 6 Nob stands, 6 Grot stands, and 18 Ork stands for a total of 150 minis on 30 bases.

So here they are.  Finally.

I did custom details on the flags and shoulders.  I also painted the barrels of the Deathskull guns like other clans and painted over them, like I did with the tanks.

Next: 40K Orks? Perhaps more modeling for Lost and the Damned?


Rough Ridin’ with Daemons

Been a bit busy breaking in my new laptop.  I did some research on Epic strategy with Lost and the Damned, and most lists contain traitor Rough Riders.  Was going to just bu regular Guard Rough Riders when I realized I had a bunch of Daemonic Cavalry from the old Chaos sprue.  So, I sawed the Chaos Space Marines off and replaced them with Beastmen to fit in with the rest of the army and be more fluff-worthy.  After all, Rough Riders are not as good as Space Marines!  Here's three formations, dedicated to Khorne, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch.  Nurgle didn't have old cavalry.  Oh well, I got more where this came from if I need it.

So far, my Lost and the Damned contains:

-Four formations of Cultists, with Demagogues (Dark Wanderer, see previous Epic post)

-Four formations of Mutants, with Demagogues

-Four Stands of Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champions (to swap out)

-24 Land Transporters (third party, from Brigade Models, will add chains, spikes, etc.)

-12 stands of all 5 types of Lesser Daemon

-One of each Greater Daemon

-8 stands of "Big Mutants" (Old Chaos Minotaurs and Trolls with Gothic Imperial Masts that look like laser pistols in their hands)

-36 square bases with the old shield-and-axe Beastmen that count as Plague Zombies (dedicated to Khorne)

-3 Hydras (to be chaosed-out)

-Two Lords of Battles

-Three Khorne Doom Blasters and One Khorne Deathdealer

-One Slaaneshi Questor scout titan

-Four Slaaneshi knight titans

-Four Imperial Guard Bombards, modded into Nurgle Plague Engines (in progress)

-2 formations of 4 Defilers from Otterman (looks just like the 40K defiler!)

-4 old Cannons of Khorne (counts as Undivided Hellfire Cannons)

Now all I need is some Tzeentch flyers and Silver Towers, possibly scratch built as regular ones are rare.

Edit: DERP!  Rough Rider formations contain SIX STANDS NOT FOUR!  I'll get the other stands done in a bit.


New Epic Army: The Cult of the Dark Wanderer

So it seems that Epic Beastmen are pretty easy to find on ebay.  As a result of several auctions I've impulse-bid on, I now have the start of a Lost and the Damned army for Epic.

The above custom demagogue base forms the fluff for my army: The Cult of the Dark Wanderer.  Yes, it's blatantly ripped off from Diablo, I admit that.  But it's a great theme.

Now the more pertinent question: why would I want to collect the hardest army for Epic to collect?  BECAUSE IT'S THERE.


Epic Deathskulls “Looted” Gunwagons!

More Epic stuff!  At first glance, these don't appear to be up to my normal painting standard, but look closer.  Deathskulls are notorious thieves, and what better way to represent that than by having the Deathskulls steal from other klanz and hastily repaint the tanks?

All the above tanks were painted according to the Goff, Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, or Blood Axe scheme, and then sloppily painted over with good ol' Deathskull blue.  Several areas were "missed" to let the old paint job be seen.  You can see Bad Moon logos, Blood Axe camo, and even Goff cheker patterns through the blue.  I even added "drips" of blue paint to make the job look more recent, as if they're rolling into battle with wet paint!

On top of that, this formation has two kustom converted Gunwagons with Supa Zzap Gunz.  These are 40K Ork Slaver Grot Prods, tucked into Tau Battlesuit shoulders, and decorated.  One with a razor shoulderpad, the other with horns cut from a 40K Nob head.  I'm really proud of these simple conversions.

Next: Gen Con reporting!  Expect some awesome pix, especially if I see some cool armies or mods!


Epic Ork Warband and Stompas!

I've been busy, so I'm glad I got these Epic Orks done before Gen Con!  As you can see, the warband is complete with2 Nob, 6 Boys and 2 Grot stands.

When I was done with these, I put them in mt Epic Orks case and found a surprise from last year's Gen Con.  Three Stompas, almost completely painted.  I took about half an hour adding a few more details and cleaning up the paint job, and then based them.  Two formations in one day!

Next: Look for updates from Gen Con starting this Friday!  Also, my next Epic Ork formation is a Blitz Brigade with 9 gunwagons and 2 Supa Zzap Gun upgrades!


Epic Ork Vehicles!

My first Epic Ork models finished, 3 Battlewagons, a Gunwagon, and a Flakwagon.  In 40K terms, these are closer to Trukks.  Painted them as Evil Sunz.  Other formations will probably be other Klans.

Next: 2 Nob stands, 6 Boyz stands, and 2 Grot stands!


3000 pt Epic Space Marines

Finished the Warlord Titan Prince of Thunder, and that completes 3000 pts of Space Marines!  Now all I need to do is paint 3000 pts of Orks!

Tomorrow I go visit Lexington in Louisville.  Do I smell a battle report cooking?


Epic Land Speeders

Five Epic scale Land Speeders on Flames of War bases.   Note the purple on the shoulder pad and wings.  These are representatives of the 7th company Tactical reserves that specialise in Land Speeders.

Next: The Warlord Titan Prince of Thunder, and then, who knows?  Epic Orks?  Menoth starter box?  40K orks?


MOAR Epic Assault Marines, and a cautionary tale.

Another Assault Formation for my teaching Epic list.  Note the gray for the 8th company.  Only a Warlord Titan and five Land Speeders to go!

And now, a cautionary tale about stripping.  As you read in the previous post, I primed the Land Speeders poorly and had to strip them.  The Pine Sol mixture, combined with the fresh primer, made the primer into a vile black oil.  I suggest to all who strip recently primed minis: wait a day for the primer to cure completely.  The oil comes off with soap, but it takes a lot of scrubbing.


Whirlwinds, Hunters and a Thunderhawk, oh my!

Finished: One Whirlwind formation for barrage power.  Four Hunters, which is all I'll ever need, and a Thunderhawk Gunship for air transport capability.


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