Been a bit busy breaking in my new laptop.  I did some research on Epic strategy with Lost and the Damned, and most lists contain traitor Rough Riders.  Was going to just bu regular Guard Rough Riders when I realized I had a bunch of Daemonic Cavalry from the old Chaos sprue.  So, I sawed the Chaos Space Marines off and replaced them with Beastmen to fit in with the rest of the army and be more fluff-worthy.  After all, Rough Riders are not as good as Space Marines!  Here’s three formations, dedicated to Khorne, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch.  Nurgle didn’t have old cavalry.  Oh well, I got more where this came from if I need it.

So far, my Lost and the Damned contains:

-Four formations of Cultists, with Demagogues (Dark Wanderer, see previous Epic post)

-Four formations of Mutants, with Demagogues

-Four Stands of Chaos Space Marine Aspiring Champions (to swap out)

-24 Land Transporters (third party, from Brigade Models, will add chains, spikes, etc.)

-12 stands of all 5 types of Lesser Daemon

-One of each Greater Daemon

-8 stands of “Big Mutants” (Old Chaos Minotaurs and Trolls with Gothic Imperial Masts that look like laser pistols in their hands)

-36 square bases with the old shield-and-axe Beastmen that count as Plague Zombies (dedicated to Khorne)

-3 Hydras (to be chaosed-out)

-Two Lords of Battles

-Three Khorne Doom Blasters and One Khorne Deathdealer

-One Slaaneshi Questor scout titan

-Four Slaaneshi knight titans

-Four Imperial Guard Bombards, modded into Nurgle Plague Engines (in progress)

-2 formations of 4 Defilers from Otterman (looks just like the 40K defiler!)

-4 old Cannons of Khorne (counts as Undivided Hellfire Cannons)

Now all I need is some Tzeentch flyers and Silver Towers, possibly scratch built as regular ones are rare.

Edit: DERP!  Rough Rider formations contain SIX STANDS NOT FOUR!  I’ll get the other stands done in a bit.

By Bozeman

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