Epic Armageddon Compendium

These are links to files I made for an Epic Armageddon Compendium that contains all updates from the main rulebook and major armies released on the Games Workshop website at one time or another.

If you want to print your own copy of the compendium, know that all copyrights for these files are for Games Workshop.  DO NOT SELL COPIES OF THESE FILES OR IN ANY WAY USE THEM TO MAKE MONEY.  I made these for hardcore Epic players, not to make any money off of them.  Open the last file to see how to print your own copy of the compendium.

01 – Rules Summary pages 1-2

02 – Space Marine Summary

03 – Imperial Navy and Mechanicus Addendum for Space Marines and Imperial Guard

04 – Imperial Guard Summary

05 – Eldar Summary

06 – Chaos Space Marine Summary

07 – The Lost and the Damned Summary

08 – Orks Summary

09 – Rules Summary page 3

99 – Instructions for Printing