Blood Bowl Compendium

This is a file I made for a Blood Bowl Compendium that contains all rules from the main rulebook in less than half the space, and better organized.

If you want to print your own copy of the compendium, know that all copyrights for these files are for Games Workshop.  DO NOT SELL COPIES OF THESE FILES OR IN ANY WAY USE THEM TO MAKE MONEY.  I made these for hardcore Blood Bowl players, not to make any money off of them.  Open the last file to see how to print your own copy of the compendium.

Blood Bowl Compendium 2.0

Printing Instructions 2.0


In addition to the above, here is a file for printing a handy flip display to show what the Weather is during your Blood Bowl game.  Download the file and instructions.

Blood Bowl Weather Flip Display

Flip Display Print Instructions


Lexington made me these custom end zones for the 2nd edition Astrogranite board:

Konquata Monitors Custom End Zone by Lexington

Grimfang Scrappaz Custom End Zone by Lexington


Update 4-21-15

-Re-ordered entire compendium.  Now, everything needed for play is either on the first or last page, with the last page being almost every major chart needed during a game.  Sections have been pruned and re-formatted so that facing pages almost always are on the same topic (to prevent needing to page-flip.)

-Re-organized Inducements into an easy to read table.

-Fixed skills to include ALL skills in the Skill Type table.

-Moved many rules from Major Concepts into more appropriate places, such as The Drive being in Gameplay Procedure.

-Added many cut-and-pasted illustrations from the rulebook for clarity.

-Setting up a Team moved to the same section as Team Rosters, for ease of team creation.

-Injury Table expanded to cover Thick Skull and Stunty skills.

-Casualty table expanded to cover the full spectrum of horrible injuries.

-Printing Instructions updated to allow for a color-indexed rulebook by section.