Big Game V – Chapter Thirty Two: Green Tide

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Admiral Niers perused the force disposition of the Imperial Forces in the Chasma Spica.  Obviously, the focal point of the campaign was Iperin, and it would be his victory.  He made subtle alterations to the planet fall list for Iperin Prime to ensure a victory.  Of course, the disposition of Astartes was not assured, but Niers could usually count on their word.  He drew lightly from his Amasec and juggled the myriad forces in his mind.  The Tallarn 87th would stay to finish the cleansing of Julius, and he would take the 2nd Union Infatry and the 5th Titan Armoured to Iperin.  His musings were interrupted by an alarm klaxon.  He grunted as he stood, and walked from his ready room to the bridge of Thor’s Gaze.  A cacophony of noise greeted his arrival.

“Captain Kromby, report.” He bellowed.

“Sir, we have just picked up a very large contact, which seems to be breaking up.  It appears to be a Space Hulk.” Kromby replied.

“You assured me that the Julius system was cleared, Captain.”

“I’m sorry sir, this came out of nowhere.”  Kromby’s face was white, possibly because of Niers’ reputation.

“Sir!” a nameless crewman shouted.  “We’re picking up transmissions from the Hulk!  Confirmed Orkoid!”

“Tactical, report!” Kromby shouted. “How many ships?” Another crewman answered.

“Still getting that sir.  There’s considerable interference from the metal fragments falling away from the… God Emperor… those are escorts!  At least fifty, scratch that, seventy.  Six Cruisers, and the Hulk.”

“Orders sir?” another crewman shouted.  Kromby looked right at Niers.  Niers stared him down, and could have sworn he saw Kromby stagger.

“…tell the fleet remaining in system to regroup.  We must attack.” Kromby said through bloodless lips.

“Belay that.” Niers interrupted. “While your courage is admirable, Kromby, we are outnumbered five to one.  We will recall the Je’Lani task force and re-secure this system.  Reverse course.”  Kromby sighed in relief and turned.

“You heard the Admiral.  Heading one-seven-three mark zero-one-five, take us into that dust cloud.”

Annoyed, Niers trudged back to his ready room.  The alarms cancelled, and he once again worked the forces of the Imperium in his head.  These Orks were a monkey wrench in his plans, but he was not about to let some stinking alien snatch victory away from him.

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