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Big Game V – Chapter Thirty Eight: A Short Sharp Shock

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Gehn awoke to a tingling sensation in his arm.  The Marine was back, and he was applying a balm to Gehn’s injured arm.

“He will not like this, Gehn.  He may not speak to me for days.  Disease is something I have to deal with, and I walk a fine line to please him.  He will forgive me, though.”

“Forgive you for not taking my skull?”  Gehn asked.

“No, not my lord Khorne.  My lord Nurgle wished your wound to be infected by some of his microscopic servants.  I cannot allow that.”  The marine turned and looked him in the eye.  “He is so angry.  You should hear him rage.  Tzeentch finds it hilarious.  They hate each other, you know.  Now, tell me of Antonius.”

Gehn’s eyes went wide.  “Who told you that name?”

“Slaanesh knows.  I persuaded her to share it.  It hurt so much.  But now I know the name, and I can see it was well worth the pain.  You hate him.  You hate one of your Chapter brothers.  She can feel your hate.  Why would you hate him so?”

Gehn broke away from the Marine’s gaze.  A short, sharp shock flowed through him.  The Marine had electrocuted him!

“She wants to know, Gehn, and I will find out for her.  Tzeentch has also voiced that he wants you to live.  Don’t expect him to keep to it though.  You know how he is.”

“No, I don’t.  I have no knowledge of your blasphemous things!”

“Yes you do, Gehn.  As you learn about the Four, you learn about yourself.”

“NO!”  A longer shock followed.

“Perhaps you will be more respectful later.”  The Marine left and the darkness returned.

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