Big Game V – Chapter Sixty Seven: Comeuppance

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Inquisitor Nathan Logan stepped off the Valkyrie and took a deep breath of the air on Iperin.  A smile crept across his face.  He had finally cornered the Kalmsan boy, and would declare him Excommunicate on the spot.  Logan would assume command of the victorious Imperial forces, execute Kalmsan, and then glory would be his.  Guardsmen in crisp blue uniforms saluted him as he and his retinue of loyal servitors approached the makeshift headquarters of the Imperials.  He flashed his inquisitorial rosette at some guards and was ushered into the command center.  Two men argued loudly at each other.  One, claiming to be a Rogue Trader, demanded compensation for a destroyed Servo Skull, and services rendered in destroying Chaos forces.  The other was Kalmsan, who shouted down the Rogue Trader.  Logan put on his poker face and interrupted them loudly.

“Voltman Kalmsan, you have been found guilty of associating with the Arch-Heretic Victor Kalan, and illegally commandeering Imperial Forces.  I declare you Excommunicate Traitoris, and …” Logan broke off as Kalmsan looked up and smiled.  Panic flashed across Logan’s face for an instant before he composed himself.

“Logan!  How good of you to come.  Would you like some tea?”  Kalmsan sniped.

“Some tea would really hit the spot right about now!” the Rogue Trader answered.

“Shut up.” Kalmsan and Logan said simultaneously.  The Rogue Trader snorted and stormed out of the room in a huff.  Kalmsan sat in a chair and stretched languidly.

“So, Logan, come to kill me?  That might prove a bit more difficult than you had anticipated.”

“Hardly.” Logan said as he drew his bolt pistol.  “I have four combat servitors and I have the drop on you.  What do you have?”  The sound of stomping feet became audible and increased markedly as Logan spoke.  The sounds of bolters being readied rang out in a chorus behind him.  Logan kept his aim on Kalmsan, but turned to look behind him.  Three stormtroopers in black and ten Space Marines in deep blue all had weapons trained on him and his servitors.

“I have this.”  Kalmsan said.  Logan turned back to him.  Kalmsan was now standing, and pointed to a necklace he had taken out of his shirt.  On it hung a rosaius and a blue flame emblem, similar to the ones on the Space Marines behind him.

“No…” Logan said.

“Oh yes Logan.  You have hunted me for the crime of being trained by a man who later fell.  Your zealotry has blinded you and led you to your death.  Goodbye Logan.”

“NO!” Logan shouted as he fired at Kalmsan.  A shimmering field around Kalmsan deflected the bolt round as he stepped to the side.  A thunderous roar filled the room as Kalmsan’s guards and the Azure Flames tore Logan and the servitors apart with bolter fire.  Kalmsan looked down at the liquefied remains of Logan with a sneer on his face.

“I win.”

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