Big Game V – Chapter Sixty Four: Victory

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The Battle of Daskros on Iperin was the final deciding factor in the Chasma Spica conflict of c912m41.  Alliance forces outnumbered Imperial forces on the planet three to one.  The Imperial forces on the northern continent had waged a slowly advancing campaign in the harsh winter conditions of Iperin, until twenty-three days after planetfall.  A presumably unseasonably warm period preceded a final push by Imperial forces into the abandoned city of Daskros, where it is rumored the device which enveloped the Chasma Spica in warp storms was housed.  Alliance Forces surrounded the Imperial push and were fortified in several places around the city.  Several breakthrough attempts shattered Alliance lines, but left some Imperial defenders cut off.

Fleet actions above Iperin met with heavy resistance.  The Space Hulk ‘Ugemungus provided an almost indestructible target, and Imperial Navy forces took heavy fire from it.  Bombardments of the planet from both sides made the final push into Daskros a bloody one.

On the surface, Eldar forces aided Imperial attack spearheads, often disappearing before Alliance forces could retaliate.  Titans clashed over the main city center of Daskros, as heavy armour on both sides clashed with entrenched forces.  Erik and Irnst Morkai of the Space Wolves were reported Killed in Action as they fought daemons northwest of the city.  Overall, Imperial and Eldar forces were able to secure a large portion of the city and its surrounding districts.  However, Alliance forces had the city surrounded, and in the weakened state of the Imperial forces, a breakout seemed unlikely.

All of this changed when Chapter Master Atrus of the Azure Flames challenged Esharradon, leader of the Alliance forces.  Though Atrus was killed in the attempt, he successfully destroyed the daemonsword Ba’arzunipal and the Heart of Zaral along with it.  Without these potent artifacts, Tyranid and Ork forces turned on Chaos forces.  The Alliance defensive perimeter around Daskros melted.  Reports sector-wide show that at the instant of the Alliance defeat on Iperin, Ork and Tyranid forces no longer aided Chaos.  On Julius, beleaguered Imperial forces were surprised to find their enemies fighting each other.  Fleets delayed by Chaos forces were suddenly freed to attack the Tyranid forces on Tashka.  Though the planet was virus bombed, a large fleet of Tyranid transports managed to escape.  Due to the resurgence of the phenomenon known as the Shadow in the Warp, the Tyranids escaped and Imperial forces were unable to pursue, or warn other Imperials until the Shadow passed.  The Ork Space Hulk ‘Ugemungus gathered the ragtag Ork ships left intact and fled into the warp, despite suffering incredible amounts of superficial damage. The Iron Warriors battleship Black Morass disabled or destroyed 37 Imperial escorts or capitol ships before disengaging, leaving several Word Bearers vessels unsupported and out of position.  Imperial forces took advantage of the breakup of the Alliance, and drove off all remaining Chaos forces, achieving total orbital superiority.

After the sector was deemed cleared, Perseus, the new Chapter Master of the Azure Flames declared Right of Conquest on Iperin, and claimed it as a homeworld for the chapter.  This shocked Imperials, and the Adeptus Mechanicus filed protest, though later withdrew for unspecified reasons.  All Space Marines in the Chasma Spica supported the claim, and Imperial Navy forces grudgingly assented.  The Eldar were not aggressive toward Imperial positions, and immediately retreated after disabling the warp device under Daskros, though reports of Eldar activity throughout the surrounding systems persist to this day.

Overall, the Imperial victory was absolute.  Three new worlds were conquered for the Imperium: Julius, Je’lani Beta, and Veovis Alpha.  Julius is ideal as an agri-world, and Je’lani is habitable enough for exploitation.  While Veovis Alpha is uninhabitable, it has a wealth of Promethium to fuel Imperial war efforts in the Segmentum Tempestus.  In addition, a Space Marine Homeworld was founded, though the tithe of such would be Adeptus Non.

Excerpt from: A History of Late 41st Millenium Fleet Actions in the Segmentum Tempestus, by Tactician Grel Chaldor.

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