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Big Game V – Chapter Forty Nine: Ambush

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The small Eldar craft had entered the planet’s atmosphere easily. Its cloaked engines had hidden the ship’s heat signal from the enormous Chaos cruisers above, and shimmering holofields made it all but invisible to the eye as it had streaked across the orange sky of pre-dawn Iperin. Its touchdown had been graceful, and as they departed their craft with an unearthly grace, warriors hand-picked by the Craftworlds’ Autarchs fanned out to silently and mercilessly remove any sentries. The area secured, highly trained wraithsingers had departed from the craft. The cavernous stairwell before them led into a deep and intricate network of underground tunnels and chambers, which spiraled around enormous machines that had been buried within the planet for milennia. For ten thousand years, the machines had remained dormant, and to let it fall now into the hands of mankind could not be allowed. The team had moved towards the stairwell quickly, intent on ending this war before it could truly begin.

The bright flash of crude teleportation technology took the team by surprise. A melta-gun blast seared their ship’s engines, and the resulting explosion had vaporized several of the crew. Bolter fire tore through their bodies in an instant, well before any could react. Their arrival had been anticipated, their mission of stealth turned into an ambush and a massacre. The few who did not immediately perish writhed on the ground in agony as a group of humans in hulking red armor emerged from the shadows of the forest. As the Eldar choked out their final breaths, one of the humans emerged from the group, and quickly ended their lives with a wicked pair of lightning claws.

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