Battlefleet Gothic Printable Terrain

Battlefleet Gothic is a great game, and Games Workshop provides asteroids, torpedoes, and other necessities that you can print.  However, they don’t give you Gas and Dust Clouds, Warp Rifts, Minefields, or a large selection of planets.  I created these files to bridge that gap.  This terrain will print flat and allow Battlefleet Gothic ships to rest on them without tipping.

These files are intended to be printed double sided in color, cut out, and laminated.  There is a large variety of sizes and shapes that conform to the random sizes you can roll for when generating terrain.  Also, in the “Warp Rifts etc. Large” there are counters to help you keep track of Solar Flares and Radiation Bursts.  “Gas and Dust Clouds Small 4” also has a Sunward Edge marker.

For images on what the completed products look like, see the last images in the Battlefleet Gothic Image Gallery

Gas Dust Clouds Large

Gas Dust Clouds Small 1

Gas Dust Clouds Small 2

Gas Dust Clouds Small 3

Gas Dust Clouds Small 4 (also Sunward Edge Marker)

Small and Medium Planets

Warp Rifts etc. Large (also Solar Flare and Radiation Burst markers)

The next file is a large ring.  Print it in color, single sided, cut the ring out, and cut it into small pieces before laminating.  Arrange the ring pieces around any planet with a gas and dust cloud ring.

Gas Dust Clouds Ring

Finally, here are some 5cm x 5cm Minefields.  Print the page twice, cut out 18 of the minefields, and you’ll have as many as you need to create two 15cm x 15cm minefields which is as many as you can legally have in the game.

Minefields Cropped to 5cm x 5cm

Have fun!

(I do not own the rights to any of these images.  Please do not sell any products based on these files.)


These are archival copies of Games Workshop files used to print Asteroids, Blast Markers, Contact Markers, Attack Craft, and Torpedoes of all kinds.  These are the original files that used to be hosted on the GW site.  I DO NOT CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF THESE FILES.  They were made available for free so that people could enjoy Gothic.  PLEASE DO NOT SELL OR MAKE MONEY USING THESE FILES.  They are archival only.

m1300004 Blast Markers, Asteroids, Contact Markers, a small Planet, and some Nova Cannon templates.  When printing, be sure the size of the Nova Cannon template matches the size of the original Bearing Compass/Nova Cannon Template.

m1300006 Generic Attack craft, Special Torpedoes from Armada, and generic torpedoes.

m1300007 Bearing Compasses, Blast Markers, Asteroids, and a Small and Large Planet.  This file has been edited from the original version to remove text that partially obscured the large planet.

m2350033a An Earthlike planet.  Increase or decrease the size to suit your taste.