Battlefleet Gothic Compendium 2010 Update

After a successful Battlefleet Gothic campaign, I realized there were several flaws with the Compendium that I made.  This is the newest version, updated to the 2010 update, with a new layout.  Download all the files, and read the Instructions for Printing file to see how to print them to make your own Compendium.

00 – Front Cover Full Bleed

00 – Inside Cover

01 – Rules v4.5

02 – Scenarios v4.0

03 – Campaign Rules v4.0

04 – Planetary Defences v4.1

05 – Imperial Navy v4.0

06 – Space Marines v4.1

07 – Chaos v4.1

08 – Corsair and Craftworld Eldar v4.3

09 – Dark Eldar v4.1

10 – Orks v4.2

11 – Necrons v4.0

12 – Tau v4.1

13 – Tyranids v4.4

14 – Charts v4.3

99 – Instructions for Printing 4.1

Changes made in Version 4.0:

-Added full bleed color cover and a table of contents on the inside cover.

-Spelling and accuracy fixes in every file.  Major restructuring of several files for readability and organization.

-Split Scenarios and Campaign Rules into two different files.

-Different paper colors for Scenarios, Campaign, and Defences to make them easier to find.

-Split Imperial Navy and Space Marines into two sections with different colors.

-Huge clarification to Daemon Ships in Chaos.

-Added updated Iyanden Craftworld fleet and original Corsair Gothic Sector Fleet List to Eldar.

-Major updates to the Tau, including special character Kor’O’Mesme.

-Expanded Tyranids to an additional page for page count purposes, and added points values for the Vanguard Fleet list.

-Moved Leadership Table to inside back cover and Boarding Table to back cover so that all pre-game stuff is the inside cover, and all stuff used during the game is on the back cover.

Update 2-17-15

-Fixed a printing error in Eldar that caused “invisible” text thought deleted long ago to superimpose over other text.

-Fixed a grammar error in Tyranids under Bio Plasma.

-Updated the Printing instructions to explain how to make the Inside Cover to make each paragraph indicate section by color.

Update 4-21-15

-Added dimensions of a Warp Rift to page 1 of Charts (inner back cover) so Warp Rifts can be placed during terrain setup.

Update 12-23-15

-Changed Planetary Defences.  It turns out that Necrons can actually take defences, even though it’s kinda out of character.

-Re-worded Eldar movement to be more in line with the text of the rules.

Update 1-5-16

-Minor spelling fixes in Chaos, and added the name of the Vengeful Spirit.

Update 1-8-16

-Updated Ork Clanz rules to clarify that ships do not need to pay points to take their Clan upgrades to match their Warlord, and added that the Klaw Gubbin can only attack once per turn.

Update 6-28-16

-Updated Critical Effects Chart to reflect that a Bridge Smashed result causes a ship to lose any re-rolls that an embarked character has.

Update 7-9-16

-Updated Main Rules to reflect that you can’t fire Nova Cannons while on All Ahead Full, Burn Retros, or Come to a New Heading.

Update 8-5-16

-Clarified how Eldar Holofields work against Boarding Actions

-Clarified how Eldar fighters are resilient, using the rules for resilient ordnance.

-Added info about taking The Flame of Asuryan requiring an Eldar Hero character.

-Clarified how Dark Eldar Shadowfields work against boarding actions, plus minor spelling fixes.

Updated 11-1-16

-Updated rules to clarify when re-rolls are used.

Updated 12-9-16

-Added an obscure rule to Ork Clanz, allowing an Ork Clanz fleet in a campaign to receive the first refit free if they change their Gubbins on a ship more than once.

Updated 1-27-17

-Altered Tyranid Evolution of the Hive Mind table to specify upgrades that can’t be taken by Escorts.

Updated 1-24-19

-Fixed a copy/paste error in Space Marines

Updated 2-11-20

-Updated main rules with minor clarifications, format updates, and changed Boarding Actions to make clear that tied actions last until one ship is reduced to 0 damage.

Updated 3-16-20

-Changed Tyranid Evolution of the Hive Mind table.  Several options had points listed as “cm” instead of “pts” which has been corrected.

Updated 4-30-20

-Changed rules for Turret Suppression to clarify that bonus attacks caused by turret suppression cannot exceed the number of turrets on the enemy ship.

Updated 6-3-21

-Added points correction to Tau Il’Porrui Deflector option.

Updated 7-4-21

-Corrected Tyranid weapons to show that Massive Claws and Feeder Tentacles can only be used once per turn.