Tis the season to donate to local charities, and owner Dan of AFK has a heart bigger than his newly resized store!  A yearly event, Tanksgiving is a 40K game where only tanks and monsters are allowed (with exceptions).  Players can place any vehicles for one item of canned food or $1 per 10 power level.

Additionally, any model removed as a casualty can be set up as an oncoming reserve for one item of canned food or $1 per 10 power level.

Each player started with 3 CP (even if Unbound) and received 1 CP each command phase.  At any time, 1 CP could be purchased for one canned good or $1.

All food and money would be donated to the local food bank for Thanksgiving.

It’s a big fight!  With TITANS! THAT SUCK KIND OF!

Turns were taken as follows: One side got their Command and Movement Phases, then the other.  One side took a shooting phase, and damage was recorded but not applied.  The other side took a shooting phase, and then all damage was applied.  Finally, one side charged and fought but damage was not applied, then the other side charged and fought and all damage was applied.  If applicable, all sides took morale simultaneously.  This gets rid of the problem that Apocalypse games always have: whoever goes first blows the other side off the table.

The entire complement of vehicles of the Azure Flames, raring to go!

Other Forces were ready to fight as well!

The Azure Flames set up supporting the Reaver and Warhound against the Warlord.

The leftmost boards were saturated with Tyranids.  Despite being Tanksgiving, the ‘Nids brought infantry.  They were literally pushed around in piles.

One of the crowning moments of the game; a Drop Pod fell to block a charge lane.  An enemy Knight charged it… and WHIFFED!  This delayed the charge another turn.

After it was unceremoniously blown off the table, I dropped $15 and resurrected the Reaver.

Long time contributor to Fourstrands, Rob, brought his Ultramarines on turn 2, complete with the Lord of the Imperium himself: Roboute Gulliman!  He turned the Azure Flames tank column and the Reaver from a threat to a powerhouse!

Opposite the Tyranids was another Reaver, an Imperial Guard 7th Edition Air Wing, and some Tau.  The Nids chewed them all up.

Sadly, I had to leave before the end, but the REAL winner was the local food bank!  People were spending money like crazy!  It was extremely fun!

By Bozeman

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