2020 is over and as a parting gift, Big Game VI – The Omega War is COMPLETE! This behemoth is as long as most Black Library stand alone novels, at 55,013 words, over 46 chapters plus the Introduction and Epilogue.

For contrast, Big Game V – The Battle of Iperin was 50,267 words with 71 chapters. This was because BGV was a post-by-post continuity on the old Big Game V forums maintained by Brian. There were a lot more authors, and a lot less planning making for some short snippets.

It’s been a hard year, but it goes out with a bang. Farewell 2020. Farewell Omega Station. Farewell pre-Gathering Storm continuity for the Azure Flames.

It’s with this post that I am officially beginning work on Home Fires: an Azure Flames novel, which will detail the fate of the Azure Flames after the Psychic Awakening.

Stay tuned for more updates, including a new Blood Bowl post!

By Bozeman

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