Normally, I alternate between Firstborn and Primaris projects, and it’s the Firstborn’s turn. I had a lot of options, but in a recent game, I found myself not able to take Hunter Killer Missiles on some tanks due to lack of appropriate bits. So, I decided on a very short project:

Now I have more missile-y goodness and a blank hatch for a placeholder. However, this update was a bit light, and luckily I’m supplementing it with a Turn Tracker from littlepri_16 on Ebay. It’s 3D printed and awesome!

The dials are separate pieces which I will later magnetize once my order from K&J Magnetics arrives. My only gripe is that this font has a weird upwards serif on the upper left of the capital T, but I can live with it.

Finally, as with every project, a touchup and decal! This is the last of three Devastator Bolter units:

Next: a special feature! Longtime Fourstrands contributor Thomas is coming over to break my dry streak for some (socially distanced and safe) gaming! Expect battle reports galore and some awesome times!

By Bozeman

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