My Judicar is finally complete after some holiday related delays!

I did a head swap with the helmeted Captain head from Indominus, after filling the cross shaped hole with putty. I also added a flame to the left shoulder pad.

I wasn’t brave enough to do Dynamic Lighting on Antonius, but because i cared less about the Judicar I gave it a shot and it worked quite well!

Finally, the Indominus Project is complete!

Steely eyed veterans of MSU’s Studio 40K circa 2000-2005 will remember these boards!

It took longer than I wanted, but that was mostly because I imposed a strict protocol of Primaris -> Squad touchup and decals -> Firstborn -> Squad touchup and decals, repeat. In the end I’ve made tons of progress and I’m raring for more!

Speaking of more, here’s a touchup to five more Devastator Bolters:

Next: a relatively boring update as I’m making more Hunter Killer missiles and blank hatches for Land Raiders and other sundry tanks. I need more options and what I have doesn’t cut it. Plus more decals!

By Bozeman

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