I chose to split the Assault Intercessors in two. The first half, including a custom Thunder Hammer conversion is complete!

Following that, I went back to the very first Tactical Squad I ever painted to do some quick touch ups and add decals.

They were a mess.

I’ve touched up squads, especially for Big Games, but never this one. This had a 19 year old paint job. Details were ignored, mould lines were still around, and paint was a bit cakey.

I did what I could. They look much better now, especially with the new decals.

Long time Fourstrands veterans will recognize Brother Jonathan as the lone Tactical marine who stood against a heavily armed Guard commander and Commisar for THREE ROUNDS of close combat, holding up their army and turning a loss into a win. He was the first Marine I named.

He used to be in 4th company, but this squad is now clearly part of the 3rd.

Well… the 4th Company is going to have something bad happen to it. You’ll see in future updates to the Big Game VI storyline.

Next: The final two Tactical Sergeants and another Tactical squad update! Hopefully this one will be less… intense.

By Bozeman

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