AFK Games is now doing game night with limited tables! Masks and social distancing are required, so fear not all three readers, because I am playing it safe.

This game was played on 10/9/20, which prevented me from using the newest Marine codex. Therefore my list was drawn from the old 8th Edition codex. However, my opponent Thomas and I agreed to use the stats for models and weapons released in FAQs so we were sort of close to a 9th edition game! Sadly my list would have been illegal due to using Scouts as troops (they are now Elites) and Double Heavy Flamers on Land Speeders (not an option anymore, even in Legends!)

Despite the inconveniences, Thomas and I made do. Here’s the Batrep!

Bozeman – Azure Flames (counts as Salamanders using 8th ed rules with modifications to copy leaked 9th ed rules) 1000 points

  • Battalion Detachment
    • Captain Khalil on Bike, Warlord, Miraculous Constitution, Forge Master (Exemplar of the Promethean Creed), Drake-Smiter (Thunder Hammer), Storm Shield
    • Lieutenant, Jump Pack, Power Axe, Combi-Melta
    • Intercessors x 5, Bolt Rifles, Thunder Hammer
    • Scouts x 10, Bolters, Missile Launcher
    • Tactical Squad x 5, Storm Bolter, Lascannon
    • Land Speeders x 3, 2 x Heavy Flamers
    • Thunderfire Cannon

Thomas – Deathwatch (using 8th ed rules with bolter-crippling FAQ)

  • Patrol Detachment
    • Watch Captain in Terminator Armor, Combi-Melta, Chainfist, Warlord
    • Deathwatch Kill Team x 5, 5 x Combi-Melta
    • Deathwatch Kill Team x 5, 4 x Heavy Bolter
    • Corvus Blackstar
  • Vanguard Detachment
    • Venerable Dreadnought, Twin Lascannon, Missile Launcher
    • Venerable Dreadnought, Power Fist, Storm Bolter, Assault Cannon
    • Contemptor Dreadnought, Multi-Melta, Assault Cannon
      • (Note: I believe this detachment had an HQ but it got forgotten during setup)

Mission – Ransack

6 objectives. +5VP for controlling 2 objectives, 3 objectives, or more objectives than your opponent (cumulative) at the end of your Command Phase.


Turn 1 – Azure Flames

Khalil roars ahead, and charges the Lascannon/Missile Dreadnought, killing it in one combat! The Land Speeders accompanied by the Jump Pack Lieutenant wipe out the Heavy Bolter squad.

Turn 1 – Deathwatch

The Corvus Blackstar flies all the way across the board and kills 4/5 of the Intercessor Squad. Fire from the Corvus and a well placed punch from the Dreadnought kills one Land Speeder and wounds another.

Turn 2 – Azure Flames

Land Speeders fall back and the Dreadnought is killed by the Lieutenants Combi-Melta. Khalil charges and damages the Contemptor Dreadnought.

Turn 2 – Deathwatch

The Corvus drops off the Watch Captain and Melta Squad. Poor rolls leave one Land Speeder alive, but remove the last Intercessor. The Watch Captain bakes the Techmarine. Poor rolls by Khalil damage the Contemptor further.

Turn 3 – Azure Flames

Land Speeder kills one of the Melta squad while the Lieutenant meltas and then CHARGES the Corvus Blackstar, causing medium damage! Khalil slays the Contemptor.

Turn 3 – Deathwatch

Fire from the Melta squad reduces the Lieutenant to 1 wound.  Corvus Blackstar’s weapons bounce off of Khalil’s Storm Shield.

Turn 4 – Azure Flames

Khalil turbo boosts to an objective. The Lieutenant charges the Melta Squad, kills one, and is slain! For the 4th time this game, the Tactical Squad Lascannon misses! The Scout Missile Launcher reduces the Corvus Blackstar to one wound, and then Bolters finish it! Turn not pictured. Game ceded.


Azure Flames: 54 VP
Deathwatch: 10 VP


9th edition is going to play a lot differently! It’s now about scoring LOTS of points in LOTS of ways! Choosing good Secondary Objectives is key. For example, I chose the mission-specific secondary Ransack, which didn’t score me any points at all because I didn’t hold objectives on the opposing board edge enough!

I rolled very well except for the Lascannon shots from the Tactical Squad. Thomas had quite a bad night, with Las-Talons on the Corvus missing more often than they hit! Thomas also had too few boots on the ground to take advantage of mission objectives.

All in all, I think 9th is going to be good. However, we played on a board much bigger than the new minimum. Games may be played in much smaller spaces! This will give assault armies a leg up, but also prevent hiding and require a lot of terrain.

Bonus, a new player, Ben, showed off his sweet Indominus Necrons! Check ’em out!

Next: Assault Intercessors and more batreps!

By Bozeman

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