Bio-Plasma Beauties and Tyranid Paint Scheme

March 26, 2020
26 Mar/20

I converted up some Drone ships with Bio-plasma, and dropped more than $45 on contrast paints! Time to get going!

Below, see my first three test subjects.

To the left, my first attempt. This is a base spray of Wraithbone with straight Shyish Purple for armor, Gulliman Flesh for the body, and Mephiston Red for details. However, the colors were too dark for my taste. I tried a simple highlight of edges with a vallejo brand magenta but it didn’t do anything for me.

To the right is my second attempt. After picking up some Contrast Medium from AFK Games in Holt (door service, I maintained social distancing) I mixed 50/50 Medium with the purple and flesh. This was too light. Mephiston Red was not dilluted.

Finally in the middle, is a mix of 2 parts purple or flesh to 1 part medium. Like Goldilocks, it is just right, but without the home invasion or devouring children.

Next, I strip the non-standard minis above, re-prime them, and finish the squadron, then on to the rest of the fleet!

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