Khalil has been in pieces for several games, so I prioritized getting him painted up and ready to go.  Here he is!  Doing a sweet sideways skid as he climbs out of the seat to swing his Thunder Hammer.  Two Storm Shields on the faring of his bike represent The Shield Eternal.

Math time!  Bike characters start at 5 wounds.  With the Warlord Trait “Iron Resolve” it bumps him to 6 with a 6+ FNP which is functionally a 7th wound.

The Shield Eternal halves all damage, rounding halves up, so D6 weapons like Lascannons instead do the equivalent of D3.  On average, two apiece, so you’d need 4 Lascannons to get through the shield to kill him.

The Shield is a 3+ invulnerable, so you’d need 12 total wounds.

Toughness 5, so a S 9 Lascannon wounds on a 3+ so you’d need 18 hits.

Guardsmen are BS 4+ so you’d need 36 Guardsmen Lascannons, or 27 Space Marines at 3+, excluding any re-rolls.  That’s hearty!

Conversely, those 7 wounds could be eaten by about 54 Ork regular close combat attacks, which one squad of Orks could do in a turn.  That’s how a Smash Captain goes down; force of saves!

Next, more painting!

By Bozeman

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