Lexington’s back in town for the holidays!  I got him a Boomdakka Snazzwagon for xmas and he got me a Protomen hoodie that is so warm it’s basically a coat.


Long ago, Lexington built an Ork Battlefleet Gothic fleet out of the old pewter Killa Kans and some other bitz.  However, the fleet fell off a shelf and shattered into a million pieces.  Like Humpty Dumpty, Lexington couldn’t put it back together.  So, he asked to borrow one of my fleets.  He chose Chaos to represent his other 40K force, while I played the good old Azure Flames.  To keep the game small, we played a 1000pt The Raiders mission.  Here’s what happened!


Bozeman – Azure Flames Space Marines, Crusade Fleet List (Attacker, 500pts)

  • Strike Cruiser Honor, Extra Shield, Honor Guard
  • Strike Cruiser Duty, Extra Shield, Honor Guard
  • Strike Cruiser Sacrifice, Extra Shield

Lexington – Chaos, Abbadon’s 13th Black Crusade Fleet List (Defender, 1000pts

  • Styx Heavy Cruiser Time of Sorrow
    • Warmaster (Ld+2), Re-roll
  • Devastation Cruiser Pride of Heresy
  • Devastation Cruiser Hateful
  • Infidel Raider x3, Talon Squadron
  • Idolator Raider x2, The Defilers


Mission – The Raiders

The Attacker gets 1/2 of the points value agreed on.  Defender deploys their entire fleet more than 30cm from any board edge, all facing the same board edge, and with each ship/squadron more than 20cm from any other.  All Defender ships are at -1 Ld for D6 turns.  (3 Turns this game) Attacker gets first turn and comes on from any board edge.

Battlezone – Inner Biosphere (bonus/penalty for Batteries doubled) (Note, one Solar Flare result was rolled during setup)



Turn 1 – Azure Flames

All three Strike Cruisers come on from the Starboard side of the Time of Sorrow.  Torpedoes do 7 damage, and Thunderhawk Gunships cause a few weapons to be disabled.  The Hateful also takes one damage from torpedoes.


Turn 1 – Chaos

The Time of Sorrow disengages.  Both Escort squadrons go on Come to a New Heading to fire on the Space Marines.  The Honor takes one damage from torpedoes.  The Duty suffers four critical effects from assault boats.


Turn 2 – Azure Flames

The Duty Braces for Impact but still takes a few more critical effects from assault boats.  The Hateful is crippled by torpedoes, and both remaining capital ships suffer more critical effects.


Turn 2 – Chaos

Unable to reload, the Chaos ships fire at the Marines ineffectually.


Turn 3 – Azure Flames

Solar Flare occurs!  Duty, overburdened by critical effects, disengages.  Honor and Sacrifice Reload Ordnance.  Torpedoes do 3 damage to the Hateful, and a Thunderhawk scores an Engine Room Damaged effect, finishing the ship off and leaving it a drifting hulk.  The Pride of Heresy is crippled by torpedo damage.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 3 – Chaos

Pride of Heresy disengages.  Escorts take down both shields of the Honor.


Turn 4 – Azure Flames

Both ships Reload.  Talon Squadron of Idolators is destroyed by ordnance and fire.  The Defilers Infidel squadron loses one member.


Turn 4 – Chaos

The Defilers disengage.  Game over.


Final Score

Azure Flames: 519

Chaos: 17


Several factors heavily influenced this game.  1: Lexington left his Admiral’s ship dangerously close to the edge, allowing a turn 1 alpha strike.  He should have buffered his sides with the escorts.  2: The leadership penalty led to some key missed reloads.  3: Anticipating only minor damage, Lexington refused to Brace for Impact several times.  Knowing when to Brace is key in Gothic.

Next: more painting and batreps!  Hope my computer doesn’t die again!

By Bozeman

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