Another great game with Nathan!  Let’s skip the formalities and get right into it.


Bozeman – Azure Flames

Battalion Detachment

  • Captain Khalil on Bike, The Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer, Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve
  • Librarian, Force Staff
  • Tactical Squad x5, Combi-Plasma, Lascannon
  • Tactical Squad x5, Combi-Plasma, Lascannon
  • Tactical Squad x5, Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter
  • Tactical Squad x5, Storm Bolter, Heavy Bolter
  • Dreadnought, Heavy Flamer, Twin Lascannon
  • Company Ancient, Standard of the Emperor Ascendant, Bolter
  • Apothecary
  • Devastators x5, Storm Bolter, 4x Lascannon, Armourium Cherub
  • Thunderfire Cannon

Nathan – Cadians

Battalion Detachment

  • Tank Commander Leman Russ
  • Company Commander
  • Primaris Psyker
  • Infantry Squad, Lascannon
  • Infantry Squad, Autocannon
  • Infantry Squad, Autocannon
  • Infantry Squad, Autocannon
  • Leman Russ Punisher x2
  • Wyvern x2
  • Basilisk


Retrieval Mission – 4 objectives, 3VP each







Before turn 1, the Cadians unleash a preliminary bombardment!  A tactical marine bites the dust, and the Dreadnought takes a wound.

Turn 1 – Azure Flames

Captain Khalil advances right at the enemy, daring them to shoot him!  Librarian casts Might of Heroes to keep him a bit more protected.  Abysmal rolls from the lascannons do some serious damage to only one of the Leman Russes.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 1 – Cadians

A hail of fire smashes Khalil, and poor armor save rolls make him lose 4 of his 7 wounds!  Other shooting does some damage to the squads on the right side of the board.



Turn 2 – Azure Flames

Slightly better shooting ends one of the Russes and damages another.  Khalil charges one of the Wyverns, and only hits twice, even after several re-rolls!  He’s down to one wound thanks to overwatch!



Turn 2 – Cadians

Shots from several sources eliminate 3 of the 4 lascannon Devastators, but thanks to the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant, they take parting shots and eliminate the wounded Russ!  Khalil finishes the Wyvern in close combat.


Turn 3 – Azure Flames

Khalil charges the other Wyvern, and once again rolls poorly for only 6 damage.  Lascannons remove the Tank Commander.


Turn 3 – Cadians

Wyvern drives away from Khalil and a Cadian squad charges, managing to do one final wound!  Basilisk finishes the Thunderfire cannon, leaving the gunner.


Turn 4 – Azure Flames

Heavy Bolter squad rushes from teh building to grab the objective in the crater.  Librarian joins the Techmarine Gunner to hold the objective.



Turn 4 – Cadians

Squad on the right side breaks cover along with the Primaris Psyker.  Other fire is ineffective.


Turn 5 – Azure Flames

A few lascannons harm the Basilisk.  Other fire kills a few Guardsmen.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 5 – Cadians

The Wyverns and some overcharged plasma kill the two squads holding the objective on the right.  Other squads move into shooting position.



Turn 6 – Azure Flames

Techmarine advances to try to take back the objective.  He gets Might of Heroes.  More Cadians bite the dust from Heavy Bolter fire.  Basilisk is removed by lascannons.



Turn 6 – Cadians

Primaris Psyker advances to claim the objective!  He tries to Smite the Techmarine, but the Librarian Denies the Witch!  Squad falls back to claim the abandoned objective by the dead Basilisk.  Game ends.


Azure Flames: 6 plus Slay the Warlord and First Blood = 8

Cadians: 6 plus Slay the Warlord = 7


Close!  Had Nathan’s Primaris Psyker advanced on turn 5 more than 2″ and then moved to within 3″ of the objectve but within 12″ of the board edge, he would have scored Linebreaker for a tie.

Khalil on a bike is fun, but he can die easily to massed fire.  He’d REALLY be broken in a smaller points game.  As it is, he needs a bit of a shield to protect him from at least one turn of shooting to get into charge range.

Next: more games and painting!

By Bozeman

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