Once again, a battle report thanks to AFK Games in Holt.  This game was against Andrew’s Sisters of Battle.  Due to my old-man constitution and day-shift sleep schedule, plus a late dinner, Andrew and I decided on a smaller game (nominally 50 PL but we both went 2 over).  We played Secure and Control.  Here’s how it went!


Bozeman – Azure Flames (Salamanders)

Battalion Detachment

  • Captain Khalil of the 7th Company on Bike, The Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer, Warlord Trait: Iron Resolve
  • Librarian on Bike, Force Axe, Bolter, The Salamander Mantle, Smite, Might of Heroes, Null Zone
  • Tactical Squad x5, Bolter-Melta, Missile Launcher
  • Tactical Squad x5, Bolter-Melta, Missile Launcher
  • Tactical Squad x5, Bolter-Flamer, Missile Launcher
  • Tactical Squad x5, Bolter-Flamer, Missile Launcher
  • Bike Squad x5 + Attack Bike, Power Fist, 2x Meltagun, Multi-Melta
  • Thunderfire Cannon

Andrew – Sisters of Battle

Patrol Detachment

  • Canoness
  • Ministorum Priest
  • Battle Sister Squad, Meltagun, Power Mace
  • Repentia Squad x10
  • Mistress of Repentance
  • Penitent Engines x2
  • Immolator, Heavy Flamer
  • Immolator, Heavy Flamer
  • Death Cult Assassins x2


Mission: Secure and Control: Each player gets one Objective, worth 3VP in their own deployment zone.  First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker.

Deployment: Search and Destroy (Players deploy in opposite board quarters, but cannot deploy within 9″ of the center of the board)  To make the smaller game work, we played on a 4×4′ surface.









Turn 1 – Sisters of Battle

Immolators back off, hiding so that the Space Marines have to come get them!


Turn 1 – Azure Flames

A few missiles get lucky shots at a tiny piece of one of the Immolators, doing 7 total wounds.  The Bikes and Characters advance along the right side of the board.  Librarian casts Might of Heroes on the bikes.



Turn 2 – Sisters of Battle

Immolators back up again to deny line of sight.


Turn 2 – Azure Flames

Bikes move into position.  Multi-Melta does 6 wounds to a Penitent Engine, and Captain Khalil’s Bike-mounted Boltguns do onefinal unsaved wound! Tremor Shells slow the other Penitent Engine.


Turn 3 – Sisters of Battle

Battle Sisters, Canonness, and Priest pile out of the Immolator to hold the objective.  Immolator moves to be a wall between the bikes and the army, and it pops smoke.



Turn 3 – Azure Flames

All fire on the smoked Immolator proves completely ineffective!  Thunderfire Cannon assassinates the Death Cult Assassins.  Bikes and Captain Khalil charge the Immolator, destroying it.  Thunderfire Cannon kills a few Battle Sisters.



Turn 4 – Sisters of Battle

Penitent Engine charges the bikes, but whiffs, killing one bike and damaging the Attack Bike.  Sisters Repentia try to charge but fail.


Turn 4 – Azure Flames

Bikes fall back.  Missiles finish the Penitent Engine.  Librarian casts Might of Heroes on Khalil.  Captain Khalil charges the Ministorum Priest, killing him.  Canonness performs Heroic Intervention but does no damage.


Turn 5 – Sisters of Battle

Battle Sisters charge Khalil, but he kills them.  Canonness puts one wound on Khalil.  Sisters Repentia charge the Bike remnants and kill them, then consolidate into the Librarian who kills three.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 5 – Azure Flames

Frag Missile fire finishes off the Sisters Repentia.  Khalil does 3 wounds to the Canonness.



Turn 6 – Sisters of Battle

Mistress of Repentance charges the Librarian, doing 1 wound and then dying.  Khalil kills the Canonness.  Game ceded.


Andrew wanted to try a list with Repentia and Penitent Engines.  Sadly the mission did not favor him, as it forced him to try to counter-charge an intransigent Salamanders MSU Gunline with Bike Support.  I think Andrew should have charged forward and popped smoke on turn 1, shielding the Penitent Engines with Immolators.  I would have probably killed one Immolator, and set him up for a possible turn 2 charge.

Star of the battle goes to my super-Captain Khalil, who was designed to stare down Knight Titans.

Next: more painting, gaming, and building!

By Bozeman

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