This always happens…

Every single time a new edition or Codex or supplement comes out, either a new unit is available, or an old unit or option becomes more viable.  For example, in 7th edition, the humble Storm Bolter was outshined by other options like Combi-weapons.  The Salamanders found Combi-Meltas and Combi-flamers extremely useful in 7th.  Now?  Those old Storm Bolters are fantastic additions to a list, especially when combined with a Chainsword.

So, 8th comes with new options such as Primaris.  I’m holding off on purchasing Primaris until my background can catch up with Gathering Storm.  But there are a lot of other options I can explore.

…and luckily I have a boatload of options!  Lexington, out of the goodness of his heart, gave me the remnants of his abandoned Aurora Chapter, and with my bits box and a few strategic bits orders, I have a bunch of new metaphorical clubs in my metaphorical golf bag!

So without further ado, here’s what I’ve been working on!

First, a Company Ancient with a Bolter-Melta.  Perfect for holding the line, or assisting in a drop pod assault!


Next, a Lieutennant with a Bolter-Melta and Power Fist, perfect for multiple situations.


Next up some new Sergeant options.  First, Bolter-Plasmas for some dedicated anti-heavy infantry or anti-light armor.


Some Storm Bolters, complete with Chainswords…


Combi-Gravs for Necrons and Primaris…


…and finally some new Devastators to complete my collection, giving me four of every single weapon!  First, the Multi-Meltas…


…and some Grav Cannons with Grav Amps.


Well, that about wraps it up… yep… lotta new options…

…ok fine, just one more!

Behold, Captain Khalil of the 7th Company in his new version, on a bike, with the Shield Eternal, and a Thunder Hammer, making him incredibly lethal and hard to kill!





Khalil’s right leg was sawed apart at the foot, the knee, and the hip.  Then, re-positioned with new green stuff sheathing.  The Bike was pinned onto the base, but not glued.  A piece of green stuff was placed on the back of the base, then smeared with the tire to make a skid mark.  The arm was re-posed and more sheathing was added.  Two Assault Marine storm shields were puttied onto the bike’s front faring.  The hammer arm was pinned at the wrist to pose it in mid-swing.

Now I’m ready to rock for 8th!  Be on the lookout for some new painting updates, as well as these models in future lists!

By Bozeman

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