What’s this?


Whoa!  An update for the Imperial Guard!  I’m building a Leman Russ to loan to a friend for Big Game VI.  Let’s take a look at the side view.


Wait… where’s the sponson?

Oh here it is:


It can be held on with magnets!


…and they can come apart to switch guns!  This, of course is unnecessary for modern Leman Russ tanks as the interior column has slots for the weapons.


…and the tiny door is held on with a magnet as well.


Wait.  Is that turret different?


Holy crap, the turret is modular too!  It can be the standard Leman Russ, the Annhilator with the classic pewter bit, or the Vanquisher with the Forge World resin turret! (note: these have been in a bits box for six years, so it feels good to get them out and use them)

Here’s how it works:


The base of the turret has a magnet, and each turret top has a magnet.



I’m working on making the turret turn easier.  Not shown: the front Lascannon can also be removed.  All I need is a bitz order and I can make a lot more versions!  Coming up next, Cherubs, and BIG GAME VI!

By Bozeman

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