Last week was a bust (Magic the Gathering was too popular and consumed all my would-be opponents) but this week Chris was more than happy to let me try the newest iteration of my mission for Big Game VI.  At his suggestion, I took on the role of the Destruction forces, so that I could better get a feel for how their mission played out!


Big Game VI Demo


Both players make a list using 100 Power Level, with a maximum of one Batallion, Outrider, Spearhead, or Vanguard detachment, and optionally one Patrol or Auxiliary detachment.

The Order player must designate no more than 50% of their forces as the Defense force.  This force must contain no units with the Flyer battlefield role, and cannot contain any units that are forced to deploy alternately such as Drop Pods.  The other half of their forces are the Relief force, and have no such restrictions.

Further, the Order player may, if they wish, designate one character.  This character may deploy inside the Power Station.  They may not leave (as they are busy coordinating the defense against infiltrators!)

Finally, the Order player receives fortifications, at no cost to their army list.

The Destruction player has no restrictions, other than needing units that can hold Virus Nodes.  See below.

Setup and Deployment

Centered, 6″ from one short board edge, is a 12×12″ structure, the Power Station.  Each side of the Power Station has an entrance at tits center.  See the below map for deployment zones.  The Order player deploys their Defense force within the Order Defense deployment zone.  Units that deploy alternately may be held in reserve.  The Disorder player may then deploy all of their units, including those that deploy alternately.  The Order player then deploys their Relief force in the Relief deployment zone, as well as any units from the Defense force that may deploy alternately, such as Scouts.

2P Board 1.1

Virus Nodes

The Destruction force must contain at least four units that do not have the Vehicle, Chariot, Biker, Swarm, Beast, Servitor, Drone, Spirit Host, Gretchin, or Monster keyword.  These four units hold the Virus Nodes; handheld computers designed to take control of the Power Station.

At the end of any Disorder phase, if a Disorder model with a Virus Node is within 3″ of an entrance to the Power Station, the unit may be removed from the board.

If there is an Order character in the station, and they are not engaged by a Destruction unit, the Destruction unit engages the Order character.  They count as being 6″ from the Order character.  They may use psychic powers, shoot, and charge as normal.

If the Order character is slain, the unit implants its Virus Node.  The Virus Node is also implanted if there is no Order Character, or if they are already engaged.

Turn Order and Game Length

Order has the first turn.  The game lasts for 6 turns.  After turn 6, the Destruction player may choose to play a 7th turn on a D6 roll of 4+.  A command point may be spent to re-roll this result if it fails.

Victory Conditions

If 0-1 Virus Nodes are implanted, the Order forces win.  If 2 are implanted, it is a draw.  If 3+ are implanted, Destruction wins.


Bozeman – Azure Flames (Destruction Forces)

  • Battalion Detachment
    • Captain, Jump Pack, 2x Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs, The Salamander Mantle, Warlord – Iron Resolve (VIRUS NODE)
    • Librarian, Jump Pack, Force Axe, Smite, Veil of Time, Might of Heroes
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Meltagun
    • Tactical Squad x5, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer (VIRUS NODE)
    • Razorback, Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun
    • Razorback, Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun
    • Rhino
    • Assault Squad x10, Power Fist, 2x Flamer (VIRUS NODE)
    • Assault Squad x10, Power Fist, 2x Flamer
    • Terminator Assault Squad x10, 10x THSS (VIRUS NODE)
    • Terminator Squad x5, Assault Cannon

Chris – Blood Angels (Order Forces)

  • Battalion Detachment
    • Captain, Power Sword, Plasma Pistol (IN POWER STATION)
    • Mephiston, the Lord of Death
    • Scouts x5, 4x Sniper, Missile Launcher
    • Tactical Squad x5, Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter
    • Intercessor Squad x10, Assault Bolters
    • Baal Predator
    • Baal Predator
    • Sanguinary Priest, Jump Pack
    • Furioso Dreadnought
    • Terminator Squad x5, Assault Cannon
    • Razorback, Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun
    • Razorback, Lascannon and Twin Plasma Gun
    • Assault Squad, Power Sword, Plasma Pistol, 2x Flamer
  • Fortification Detachment (no points cost to Order player)
    • Aegis Shieldwall, Quad Gun









Turn 1 – Order

Fire from various sources damages the rightmost Razorback, but a re-rolled save keeps it in pretty good condition.  The Relief force moves up and shoots, but only manages to slay 2 Assault Marines.  A sniper shot does one wound to the Librarian.



Turn 1 – Destruction

All jump pack troops advance.  Transports move up.  Horrible rolls from the Razorbacks result in only two wounds on the Furioso Dreadnought.  Rhino carrying Virus Node pops smoke.



Turn 2 – Order

Rightmost Razorback is killed by lascannons, and I roll three “1’s,” killing 3/5 of the inhabitants!  Furioso charges the left Razorback, doing 6 damage.  Mephiston casts Wings of Sanguinius to move up and Shield of Sanguinius to give the Furioso a 5+ invul.



Turn 2 – Destruction

Thunder Hammer Terminators combat-squad.  The squad with the Sergeant teleports next to a Power Station door, and they enter the Power Station with their virus node!  They charge the Blood Angel Captain and slay him, implanting the node!  Using 3CP to invoke the custom strategem Death Shall Sow and Bodies Reap, I then place them at one of the other doors to the Power Station.

Two tactical squads with Melta weapons position themselves in Mephiston’s face, and melt him to death.  The Rhino carrying the Virus Node races forward!  Other units charge the Baal Predator, doing 5 damage.





Turn 3 – Order

Fire from the Terminators and Razorback eliminates the rightmost assault squad with the Virus Node!  I use the strategem What Hand Shelters, What Hand Slays? to transfer it to the other Assault Squad.  The Blood Angels assault squad charges this last squad with the Virus Node… and the Sergeant BARELY survives.  Terminators charge the Assault Terminators that came out of the Power Station.  Furioso charges and does 6 damage to the Rhino with the Virus Node inside. Massive fire from the Relief force into my Jump Pack Captain has no effect, thanks to his 6+ feel no pain!





Turn 3 – Destruction

Assault Sergeant gets into the Power Station and implants his virus node!  Flamer squad with the Virus node piles out of their damaged Rhino and charges the damaged Baal Predator.  Along with other attackers, the Baal Predator is destroyed, and the Flamer squad consolidates close enough to the building to enter.  Game over.


WOW OK, a turn 3 win… yeah…

I reworked this to be more fair to the Destruction side.  It seems I swung the pendulum too far.  The 18″ no man’s land was easily traversable, even by Rhino Rush units.  Furthermore, the strategems make the Disorder side hard to beat.  I have to either tone down their power or make them more expensive.

However, despite the Blood Angel’s captain dying instantly, I still think the duel mechanic is better than the older mechanic where the invader fights infinite defenders.  It’s more cinematic to have a last stand like that.

So, the final version of Big Game VI’s scenario will be coming up this weekend.  However, this will be a minor refinement, so let’s talk STRATEGY!

Order Strategies

  • Having some sort of ungodly beatstick in the Citadel should hopefully hold off the enemy for a turn.  Failing that, forget putting your character in there.  If they die in one turn, it was a waste of points.
  • BUBBLEWRAP is the word of the day.  During the previous playtest, I carefully protected the Power Station with units, creating a somewhat intact bubble through which the enemy couldn’t teleport.  Chris failed to do so, and the Terminators got in on turn 2!  Spread out units to create a field of fire that prevents deep strikers.
  • The Relief force needs SPEED.  In both games Chris relied on footsloggers to try to keep up by running.  He was successful in the first game because the Tau left a speedbump unit.  However, they were a bit useless in this game because they just couldn’t catch me.

Destruction Strategies

  • Save CP.  I might have lost the game without strategems.
  • Don’t take only the minimum number of Virus Node units; take a lot more.  Keep the enemy guessing.  I disguised my Tactical Squad Virus Node as a less appealing Rhino in a line of Razorbacks.  Chris had too many targets to pick effectively.
  • To speedbump or not to speedbump?  I guess it depends on your army.  A slow force like the Tau in the first game needs a speedbump to slow the Relief forces to buy them time.  A fast force might be able to leave the Relief force in the dust.

Expect the final version as a download on this site soon!

By Bozeman

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