For those few readers who don’t know, I have the best friends in the world.  We bonded over 40K back in my college days, and Big Game VI isn’t just about having an Apocalypse game, it’s about getting the band back together.

Sadly, these fine people have been scattered to the four winds by the cruel tempests of fate.  As such, even though BG6 is more than a month away, I am releasing the current version of the mission for download by any and all parties.

This will allow out-of-state individuals to plan a list, gather and paint the models therein, and package them for transport across an unforgiving continent.  It would be impossible for so many people from so far away to bring their entire collection.

However, I am reluctant to call this the FINAL version.  We may make minor tweaks for balance, based on input from various parties, but the soul of the mission should remain the same, and any list made to fill a role in this mission should still be valid.

…so here we go:

Big Game VI – The Battle for the Omega Station v1.6

EDIT: Changes made to v 1.5

  • Titanic models are now allowed.
  • Lord of War selections are disallowed, but clarified that these models will be included free to improve balance and make the game bigger.
  • Order Strategem “In the Last Lorn Fight ‘gainst the long fall of Night…” altered to make it more like a rescue instead of a “hey fight this guy instead” option.

EDIT: Changes made to v 1.6

  • Order forces altered to allow Dark Eldar as part of a combined Ynnari force.
  • Models with Instinctive Behavior may now hold Virus Nodes.
  • Deployment changed to force regular deployment first, then any alternate deployment such as Scouts, etc.
  • Virus Nodes are no longer destroyed, except by being lost in the citadel.
  • Virus Nodes held by a slain Destruction model in the Citadel now go to the Order character, unless they already have a Virus Node, in which case the Node is lost.
  • Victory conditions are now for 1/2 or more of the Virus Nodes, and do not depend on a Die Roll.
  • Order Strategem “…and the Dead shall be ward, for the Grave is no bar to my call.” altered to specify that Lost and the Damned models cannot deploy outside normal Deployment Zones on turn 1.

By Bozeman

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