Good news, I just got a new place!  Expect to see a modeling setup post soon, once I get everything moved in.

Because of all the rigamarole in purchasing a house, I took this week off, which means that I was able to go back to AFK and get some 40K, which I have been sorely missing.  When I arrived, I met Bradley, the employee of AFK who is organizing the Combat Patrol 40K campaign.  Combat Patrol is as follows:

  • 400 pts
  • Modified Combined Arms Detatchment
    • 0-1 HQ
    • 1-3 Troops
    • 0-1 Elites
    • 0-1 Fast Attack
    • 0-1 Heavy Support
  • All armour values 13+ are reduced to 12
  • All vehicles with 4+ hull points are reduced to 3
  • All Monstrous Creatures are reduced to 2 wounds
  • No named characters
  • Psykers can only take Warp Charge 1 powers (re-roll all others)
  • Board size is 48×48″
  • All reserves are rolled for one turn early, but arrive when they normally would (giving you one turn notice for when reserves arrive)
  • Other monthly restrictions (changes each month)

Bradley needed to test out the rules for this format in some rapid-fire games.  Here’s what we did!


Bozeman – Azure Flames (Salamanders)

  • Ory-Hara the Silent, Chief Librarian of the Azure Flames
    • Librarian Lv2, Pyromancy
  • Tactical Squad x5
    • Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Combi-Flamer, Flamer, Auspex
    • Drop Pod
  • Tactical Squad x5
    • Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Combi-Melta, Melta
    • Drop Pod

Bradley – Dark Angels

  • Tactical Squad x10, Power Sword, Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
    • Rhino
  • Nephilim Jetfighter (games 1 and 2 only)
    • Ravenwing Darktalon (game 3 only)


Mission 1 – Assassinate

Deployment – Table edges, 12″ in from edge

Objective – The first player to slay the enemy Warlord gains 2 victory points.  If simultaneous, award goes to current player.

Secondary objectives – Slay the Warlord (yes, you get another one for this!), Linebreaker, First Blood



Azure Flames – Turn 1

Ory-Hara and the Melta squad deep strike.  Bad to-hit rolls immobilize the Rhino.


Dark Angels – Turn 1

Two combat squads pile out of the Rhino.  After shooting and terrible armour save rolls, Ory-Hara stands alone, his squad gone.  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames – Turn 2

Flamer squad arrives via drop pod.  Shooting and psychic powers from Ory-Hara wipe out the Dark Angels marines.  Game ceded.


Conclusions: It was at this point that Bradley realized that Drop Pods could seriously ruin the game balance of a game this small.  On to game 2!


Mission 2 – Follow and Support

Deployment – Table edges, 12″ in from edge

Objective – Slay enemy Warlord for 2 points, or destroy any unit for 1 point.  Capture the Relic (similar to Main Rulebook mission 6) yields no VPs, but is important for campaign points.

Secondary objectives – Slay the Warlord, Linebreaker, First Blood



Dark Angels – Turn 1

Rhino moves forward, drops off Tactical Squads.  One runs towards the objective.  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames – Turn 1

Flamer squad with Ory-Hara moves in.  Psychic powers and shooting kill some Dark Angels, breaking the Sergeant’s squad and damaging the other one.


Dark Angels – Turn 2

Shooting at the Azure Flames is ineffectual.  Nephilim Jetfighter unloads some missiles, but fantastic cover saves protect the Tactical Squad.  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames – Turn 2

Flamer Squad arrives, wipes out smaller Tactical squad.  Ory-Hara’s squad moves up to capture the Relic.


Dark Angels – Turn 3

The Jetfighter, unable to maneuver, flies off toward the board edge.  Remaining squad menaces the Flamer squad.


Azure Flames – Turn 3

Ory-Hara moves up with the Relic, to stay away from the Jetfighter.  Shooting kills the Dark Angels sergeant.  Game ceded.


Conclusions: The Nephilim Jetfighter did not arrive in the first game.  Bradley ceded due to the fact that rolling for reserves a turn early meant he knew the Jetfighter would not show (despite a +1 to reserve rolls!)  In this game, the fighter showed up, but its lack of maneuverability hampered it.  It got one turn of good shooting and then was forced to fly around the board like an idiot.  In our next game, Bradley swapped the Jetfighter for a Ravenwing Darktalon, which can hover!


Mission 1 – Assassination (see first game, above)



Azure Flames – Turn 1

Despite seeing rear armour, two Meltaguns and Ory-Hara’s psychic powers can only glance the Rhino once!


Dark Angels – Turn 1

Tactical Marines pour out of the Rhino and harm the Azure Flames squad


Azure Flames – Turn 2

Flamer squad and psychic powers kill all but two Tactical Marines


Dark Angels – Turn 2

Ravenwing Darkstar arrives in Hover mode, and drops a Vortex shot, but it misses.  All its other guns wipe out Ory-Hara and the rest of his squad.


Azure Flames – Turn 3

Flamer squad charges the Darktalon, destroying the Vortex gun, but leaving it alive.


Dark Angels – Turn 3

Darktalon hovers away and fires, but insane armour save rolls protect the Azure Flames.  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames – Turn 4

Tactical Squad charges and kills the Rhino.  Turn not pictured.

Dark Angels – Turn 4

Darktalon zooms and bombs the Tactical Squad, causing no casualties but reducing its WS and I to 1.


Azure Flames – Turn 5

Tactical squad moves up and shoots the remaining two Dark Angel marines.


Dark Angels – Turn 5

Darktalon hovers again, killing 3 of the 5 Azure Flames left.  Turn not pictured.

Azure Flames – Turn 6

Darktalon is destroyed in close combat.  Tabled.


Conclusions: Bradley is seriously considering nerfing the Drop Pod Assault rule for the Combat Patrol campaign.  In a 1500 pt. list, you can take things to deal with an all-drop army, but it’s very difficult in a 400 pt. list.  Bradley, myself, and Dan, the owner of AFK discussed how best to combat an all-drop army, and hopefully they will have a successful campaign.


As always, there were other awesome games going on!


More Combat Patrol wackiness with Nathan, a long time Four Strands ally!


HUGE game of Warhammer 30K: Sons of Horus vs. Imperial Fists!  Forge world EVERYWHERE and AMAZING paint jobs!


There was even a strong Warmachine contingent!  Some of my old friends from the days of 21st Century Comics and Games were throwing down.  Alex played Menoth (top) while Matt played Trolls (bottom).

What a night!  Next: look forward to seeing how I get my new paint setup ready!

By Bozeman

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