All three people who frequently visit are familiar with the Azure Flames, my Space Marine Chapter.  You have probably read the Chapter Approved for the Azure Flames that describes their backstory.  However, new developments have come about.

My friend Ian recently became the manager of the Games Workshop store, newly opened in Ypsilanti, MI.  Games Workshop had a contest to see which manager could drive sales for the Space Marines’ 30th Anniversary.  Ian’s idea: every person that purchases a Space Marine unit, vehicle, and character could create a Chapter Tactics for a chapter that they invented.  To do this, they either choose a Chapter Tactic from the Space Marine codex, or the special rules from another codex for a specific chapter (such as Blood Angels).  You would then remove one of the special rules for that chapter, and replace it with another special rule to make your new chapter similar to their parent chapter, but unique.

In addition, the unit, vehicle, and character that you purchased could be used as a Dataslate for an army chosen with your unique Chapter Tactics.  This works even if the particular unit is not in your codex (such as an Imperial Fist successor being able to take a custom Dark Angels Nephilim Jetfighter).  As a bonus, each Dataslate can change or add one special rule, to fit your chapter.

Finally, your Dataslate will be compiled and printed by Ian who has recieved from Games Workshop the OFFICIAL CHAPTER APPROVED STAMP.  That’s right, the actual, physical, rubber-and-ink stamp, with which he will stamp YOUR DATASLATES and make them OFFICIAL AND LEGAL IN ANY GAMES WORKSHOP STORE IN THE WORLD.

Of course, I couldn’t say no.

So, this article is the first of four articles detailing all of my official rules (in a first draft form).  Soon, the Features bar to the right of the main articles will feature Codex Supplement: Azure Flames, a PDF scan of the Azure Flames Chapter Tactics and the three Dataslates that go with it.


Chapter Tactics – Azure Flames (Salamanders Successor)

Adhering to the teachings of their Primarch and parent Chapter, the Azure Flames emphasize close range firefight and flame based weaponry.  However, the Azure Flames were formed just over 400 years ago, and for the majority of their existence have been a mobile Crusade based chapter, unable resupply without the help of the Departmento Munitorum.  As such, they lack the relics and master crafted weapons common in their parent chapter.  To make up for this, they fight each battle with the dogged determination that even one small victory can change the galaxy.

Flamecraft: Adherents of the Promethean Cult, the Azure Flames follow the rules for Flamecraft from the Salamanders Chapter Tactics in Codex Adeptus Astartes p. 190.

Never Give Up, No Matter The Cost: The Azure Flames believe that the battle you are currently fighting is the most important battle.  Despite the relatively short time their chapter has existed, they are known for turning an overwhelming loss into a bitter stalemate, and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.  A player that has his Warlord chosen from an Azure Flames detachment may choose to play another full game turn (consisting of one player turn for each side) after the game is supposed to end.  This special rule does not apply for missions that end due to a certain event (such as the assassination of a character or the destruction of a building).  This also does not apply to a game which has ended due to a pre-arranged time allotment (such as a Tournament game).  In the case that this additional turn is the 8th or higher turn, any effects that rely on the turn number simply treat the new turn as the highest possible turn number. (i.e. if a mission tells you to draw 7 mission objectives on turn 7, but has no instructions for turn 8, simply treat turn 8 as another turn 7)


Next: IX Sqaud, 1st Company: the Bearers of Hope, a character squad with a big surprise for big targets!  Stay tuned!

By Bozeman

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