Time for the second battle report with John, this time a Fleet Engagement.


Bozeman – Imperial Navy Segmentum Obscurus Gothic Fleet List

  • Fleet Admiral (Ld8), two re-rolls
  • Saratoga, Mars class battlecruiser, left shift, extra turret
  • Forthright, Lunar class cruiser, Nova Cannon
  • Kar Durniash, Dominator class cruiser


John – Tau Kor’vattra Fleet

  • Il’fannor (Merchant) class ship, Ke’lshan configuration, +2HP
  • Il’fannor (Merchant) class ship, Ke’lshan configuration, +2HP
  • Lar’shi (Hero) class ship, Tolku configuration
  • Lar’shi (Hero) class ship, Tolku configuration
  • Kass’l (Orca) gunship x4
  • Skether’qan (Messenger) class starship


Setup: Map B


Turn 1 – Imperial Navy

The Saratoga and the Forthright go on Come to a New Heading.  All three ships fire their Nova Cannons.  One of the Hero class ships takes two damage, and one of the Merchants takes three, crippling it.  The Saratoga fires four fighters that go on CAP for the fleet.


Turn 1 – Tau

The crippled Merchant disengages.  The rest of the fleet comes about.


Turn 2 – Imperial Navy

Nova Cannons fire, one Hero loses a shield.


Turn 2 – Tau

Fleet advances.


Turn 3 – Imperial Navy

All three Nova Cannons miss, but dorsal lances from the Saratoga destroy the Messenger.


Turn 3 – Tau

Hero class ships launch missiles and bombers.  Fire from the Orcas do one damage to the Kar Durniash.


Turn 4 – Imperial Navy

Nova Cannon does one damage to the blue Hero.  Kar Durnish damages the other Merchant and its batteries kill an Orca.


Turn 4 – Tau

All ships fire, but no damage.


Turn 5 – Imperial Navy

Nova Cannons at short range cripple the yellow Hero and the remaining Merchant.  Turn not pictured.

Turn 5 – Tau

All Tau ships disengage.


Final Score:

Bozeman – 147.5

John – 0


The Tau are slow as hell.  I took a big risk taking a small fleet with a lot of Nova Cannons.  John was also stubbornly against Bracing for Impact for some reason.  The Tau Kor’vattra list is also crippled by needing to take Merchant class ships which suck.  The Orcas make up for it just a little bit though.  Also, another quirk of the Tau list is that you are not required to take an Admiral until your fleet is LARGER than 750 pts.  The Tau need more missiles to flood the board.  Perhaps dropping Orcas for torpedo boats.

Next: A visit to Highland!

By Bozeman

2 thoughts on “Xmas Gothic with John – Part 2 – Fleet Engagement”
  1. I agree w/ all of the above. Plus about the nastiest thing to take against anyone in this mission are either the nova cannons. The only thing worse would be to face my super eldar fleet of only hellbore. That’d have been a nightmare. My opinion of the tau… I don’t mind so much being slow, but at least let my hero’s turn >45°. Seems to me the fire cast would be known for 1) facing their enemies, 2) possessing few guns that were both accurate and powerful, and 3) would rely more heavily on support craft ie orcas,messengers, and attack craft/dronecrafts. Like maybe they have drone fighterbombers w/ longer range bc they don’t need life support, Instead, I get ok guns weird torpedoes which are essentially worthless, and a resyriction to the numbers of the only good ships I have the orca and the overpriced hero. I might have been able to sink one of those imperial tanks… but this was a slowly losing battle with ever less ineffective tau weaponry. Hats off to Eric for this one.

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