John came to visit me!  After several beers, we decided to play two games of Battlefleet Gothic.  Here’s the first game, where we played The Bait.


Bozeman – Dark Eldar (pursuers)

  • Razors of Virtue – Corsair Escort x3, Phantom Lances
  • Red Teardrops – Corsair Escort x3, Phantom Lances
  • Shadow’s Touch – Corsair Escort x3, Torpedoes


John – Ork Clanz Fleet (pursued)

*note, John did not purchase the Clanz upgrades for allk of the ships following his warlord*

  • Warlord, two re-rolls (aboard the Kill Kroozer)
  • Kill Kroozer, Evil Sunz Clan, Soopa Boosters, Extra Turrets
  • Lite Kroozer
  • Lite Kroozer
  • Brute Ram Ship x4
  • Ravager x2
  • Onslaught x3




After setup, my Mimic Engines gave me a free move.  I stopped 30cm short of the Kill Kroozer.


Turn 1 – Orks

All of the rest of the fleet in reserves comes on from the board edge on All Ahead Full.  The Kill Kroozer goes a whopping 41 cm on All Ahead Full thanks to multiple upgrades and a good roll!


Turn 1 – Dark Eldar

Due to an inability to catch the Kill Kroozer, the fleet moves out.


Turn 2 – Orks

Fantastic torpedo rolls from the Lite Kroozers take out one of the Razors of Virtue.  Ravagers fire torpedoes to harass the Red Teardrops.


Turn 2 – Dark Eldar

The Lite Kroozers Brace as the Shadow’s Touch fire Leech Torpedoes and cause only one Leech effect to the yellow ship, and then kill one of the Onslaughts.  Red Teardrops kill one of the Ravagers.


Turn 3 – Orks

Red Teardrops and Razors of Virtue are reduced to one by enemy fire.  Shadow’s Touch make an impressive amount of Brace saves as the Lite Kroozers open up.


Turn 3 – Dark Eldar

The remaining lance Corsairs take out the Onslaughts while Shadow’s Touch boards the last Ravager, destroying it.


Turn 4 – Orks

Despite a valiant effort, Ork fire in ineffective thanks to the best Brace saves I’ve ever rolled!


Turn 4 – Dark Eldar

Time to flee!  If the Dark Eldar disengage, they win.  Shadow’s Touch disengages.  The last of the Red Teardrops disengages… and… the last of the Razors of Virtue fails to disengage!  Uh oh!


Turn 5 – Orks

Batteries make short work of the last of the Razors of Virtue.  Game over.


Final Score

Dark Eldar: 195

Orks: 206


Wow, close game!  This is the third game I’ve lost for not being able to disengage a ship.  It’s also the second loss for my Dark Eldar against John’s Orks.  My Dark Eldar have never won a game.  I need to get better with them.  John also needed to take a 2nd Warlord, and change around his escorts as the minimum squadron size is 3.

Next: second battle report and a trip to Highland!

By Bozeman

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