Happy Tanksgiving everyone!  Here is an obscene amount of vehicles beating the tar out of one another!

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Andrew and Kyle threw down with their entire vehicle collections.  The pile of dead tanks was literally more than a foot high, not even carefully stacked.

After this, I wanted to play a game with Paul.  I mentioned my distaste for Maelstrom of War missions.  Paul and Ian (the new manager of GW Ann Arbor!) defended Maelstrom as a legitimate method of play.  Their argument?  Maelstrom discourages small armies with invincible death stars, and rewards fast tactical armies with lots of options.  It was a pretty good argument, so much so that Paul and I played a Maelstrom mission!  Will we regret it?  Let’s find out!


Bozeman – Azure Flames (Salamanders Space Marines) 1850 ps

  • Demi Legion Formation
    • Chaplain, Jump Pack
    • Tactical Squad x 10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Bolter-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta
      • Drop Pod
    • Tactical Squad x 10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Bolter-Melta, Meltagun, Multi-Melta
      • Drop Pod
    • Tactical Squad x 10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, Flamer, Lascannon
      • Razorback, Twin Linked Lascannon
    • Assault Squad x 10, Veteran Sergeant, Power Fist, 2x Flamer
    • Devastator Squad x 10, Veteran Sergeant, 4x Plasma Cannon
      • Razorback, Twin Linked Lascannon
  • Whirlwind Suppression Force
    • Land Speeders x3, 3x Mulit-Melta
    • Whirlwind x2


Paul – Dark Angels Daemon Summoning with Grey Knights Battery (Unbound) 1850 ps

  • Dark Angel Chaplain, Bike, Mace of the Unforgiven, Plasma Pistol
  • Dark Angel Librarian, Level 2, Bike, Conversion Field
  • Dark Angel Librarian, Level 2, Bike, Conversion Field
  • Ravenwing Command Squad x6, 4x Plasma Talon, 2x Grenade Launcher, Ravenwing Banner
  • Dark Angels Drop Pod
  • Dark Angels Drop Pod
  • Grey Knights Librarian, Lv 2
  • Torquemada Coteaz
  • Grey Knight Purifiers x5, 4x Daemon Hammer, 1x Nemesis Force Halberd
  • Grey Knight Purifiers x10, 9x Nemesis Falchion, 1x Nemesis Force Halberd
  • Grey Knight Terminators x6, 2x Daemon Hammer, 3x Nemesis Fachion, 1x Nemesis Force Halberd


Mission: Maelstrom of War #6 – Deadlock






Night Fight occurred on turn 1


Dark Angels / Grey Knights – Turn 1

After a scout move, the Ravenwing bikes with all bike characters attached fire on the Assault combat squad with the Chaplain.  The Chaplain’s Rozarius saves the day, preventing the squad from being wiped out!  One of the Librarians summons some Khorne Bloodletters into the building by objective 2, and loses a wound to Perils.  The 5-man Purifier squad with Coteaz and the GK Librarian drop pods next to the Land Speeders, and force a Jink.  Paul scores 2 points for Harnessing the Warp.


The first of many Daemons arrives to… help?  The Dark Angels and Grey Knights?  Ok…


Summoning Daemons is perilous work, as this librarian can attest!  Plasma Talon fire kills a lot of the Assault Squad, but the Chaplain bravely stands in front of the worst of it.  Meanwhile, the Purifiers blast the Land Speeders.

Azure Flames – Turn 1

Whirlwinds blast a bunch of the Bloodletters, and the Chaplain and one Assault Marine charge, declaring a challenge for a point.  One of the Tactical Squads drop pods in, combat squads, and takes objective 2 and blasts the Terminators, killing three!  Combat squad in the Razorback takes objective 1.  Razorback blows up Drop Pod for First Blood, while the Plasma Cannon Devastators kill everyone but one Grey Knights Librarian who goes to ground!  ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: I scored all 6 of my objectives for 7 points!


Brave Chaplain challenges the lead Bloodletter.  Combat squad takes the objective.


Thanks to Tactical Doctrine, the melta squad kills THREE Terminators!  NOICE.


Plasma Cannons are efficient at removing tightly bunched squads.

Dark Angels / Grey Knights – Turn 2

The Bloodletters finish off the Chaplain for Slay the Warlord.  Ravenwing Command blows away the squad in the middle, and a Librarian suffers a wound from Perils, but summons a squad of Pink Horrors!  10-man Purifier squad drop pods in, combat squads, and a Nova kills half the Devastators, one Whirlwind, and one Razorback!  Worse, the Devs break!  Remaining 3 Terminators charge the melta tacticals, and lose one but kill three.  Paul scores 4 points for a total of 6 so far.


You need more than faith when you’re this outnumbered…


Nothing can stop the Ravenwing Command Squad, except perhaps the Perils!  Even so, more daemons arrive to “help.”


The Purifiers drop like a bomb, blowing up half my backfield!

Azure Flames – Turn 2

5-man Bolter squad charges the Bloodletters for a point, lose two, and wipe them out due to Daemonic Instability!  Remaining Terminators keep fighting, whiff, and lose one guy, but stay.  Surviving Whirlwind kills 7/10 of the Pink Horrors.  Land Speeders waste the Grey Knight Librarian.  Plasma Cannon Devs destroy one 5-man Purifier squad, while the Assault Marines jump back across the board and kill the 2nd squad down to 2 guys.  I score 2 more points for a total of 9.


Gutsy charge pays off!  Bloodletters are eliminated!


This fight has gone poorly for the Grey Knight Terminators.


The Pink Horrors feel horror from the Whirlwind, while the Grey Knight Librarian is melted by Melta.


Thanks to Assault Doctrine, the Assault Marines actually stood a chance against the Grey Knights!

Dark Angels / Grey Knights – Turn 3

The Assault Marines finish off the Purifiers.  Due to horrible rolling, the Ravenwing Command AND the 3-man Pink Horrors BOTH fail a “One Eye Open” test, and can’t do anything!  Terminator kills one Tactical marine.


These Assault Marines accomplished more that they should have!  Good job, guys!


“Hey guys, I know we, like, summoned you, but screw you.”  “Well, screw you too!”


This fight continues…

Azure Flames – Turn 3

Land Speeders move Flat Out to gain objective 6.  Combined bolters from various sources wipe out the Pink Horrors.  Razorback tries to get objective 1, but is immobilized!  Lascannon from same Razorback, one thrown Krak Grenade from a Tactical marine, and assault from the 2-man Assault Squad kills the Drop Pod in close combat, fulfilling 2 different objectives!  Power fist sergeant luckily kills the last Terminator!


Zoom for an objective!


An unlikely convergence of rolls kills the Drop Pod!  This gives me a vehicle kill for a point, and a kill in close combat for a point!


Who would have thought that a 5-man Tactical squad would have wiped out 6 Terminators?

Dark Angels / Grey Knights – Turn 4

Librarians and Chaplain split off from the Ravenwing Command.  The Ravenwing annihilate the Land Speeders, who fail ALL their jink saves!  One Librarian summons 10 more Pink Horrors on Objective 3, perils, but gets a 6 and is a SUPER BEAST, killing the Razorback in a charge!  The other Librarian perils and drains all remining Warp Charges, but lives.   Due to all objectives being identified, Paul scores 2 points.


Not shown: 3 dead Land Speeders.


*throws 10 Pink Horrors into building* Whatever.  They’re in there.

Azure Flames – Turn 4

Second Tatsquad FINALLY arrives!  A bad Whirlwind scatter kills some Horrors, but also two Bolter marines!  The rest of their combat squad breaks and flees!  Melta squad tries to shoot the Chaplain, to no avail. Assault Squad charges the remaining Horrors, killing the squad down to 2.


3-man Bolter squad flees from friendly fire, as a huge amount of firepower bounces off the invincible Chaplain.  3+ re-rollable jink?  Ugh…

Dark Angels / Grey Knights – Turn 5

Librarian summons 10 Plaguebearers, but Perils himself to death!  Other Librarian summons 10 Bloodletters, but also Perils to death!  Chaplain engages the Devastators.  Ravenwing shoot a Drop Pod to death and menace the sergeant.  Assault Squad finishes the Pink Horrors and beat feet towards the center.


Plaguebearers arrive, at the cost of a Librarian.  Chaplain gets up in the Dev’s faces.




Oh, hey guys… Nice bikes…


The Assault Marines prepare for a mad dash toward the center to get one last point on my turn.

Azure Flames – Turn 5

Assault Marines get objective 1 for a point.  Whirlwind and tatsquad blow up some Plaguebearers.  Sergeant foolishly charges the bikes and dies to overwatch.  Thanks to Objective Secured, the 3-man Tatsquad holds objective 2 for a point, despite a bunch of angry Bloodletters!  Game ends.


Plaguebearers go boom as the Chaplain mops up the Devs.


Someone give these guys a medal!


Objecive secured allows these Marines to give the Bloodletters the finger.


Final Score

Azure Flames 14 + First Blood = 15

Dark Angels / Grey Knights: 8 + Slay the Warlord and Linebreaker = 10


OK, I am beginning to warm to Maelstrom a bit.  Consider a stand-up game with a kill the enemy objective.  I would have done jack and squat to the Ravenwing, who could have destroyed anything they touched.  With Maelstrom, I had things I could go do, even though I could not hurt this invincible nightmare squad.  Maelstrom punishes death stars because they are expensive and small.

That said, summoning daemons is GREAT.  I only did as well as I did because of my all-star Whirlwinds, who accounted for at least 30 daemons killed!  The two Assault Marines also saved the day multiple times and scored 3 points BY THEMSELVES.

Next: a seperate post from the same day, where I demo Warhammer: Age of Sigmar.  Is it as bad as people on BOLS forums complain it is?  Or, is it the next step in model gaming?  Stay tuned!

By Bozeman

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