Lexington has a problem.  He can’t quit getting me into model games.  Warmachine.  Epic.  Gothic.  Necromunda.  He always does this.  He plays a little demo game with me and then I can’t stop.

He does this on purpose.

Because gaming is AWESOME.

Anyway, he’s been bugging me to get into Infinity for a while.  Infinity is a futuristic heavily detailed skirmish game, where factions from Earth’s future battle for dominance.

In this demo game, we didn’t have enough terrain, so books stood in for buildings.  Brian had three Metros from the Ariadna faction, while I had three Alguaciles from the Nomads.


Here, my Alguaciles take cover behind some low structures, possibly depositories for… something…


Lexington’s Metros set up in a similar situation across the board.

Turn 1 – Ariadna

Because Lexington had three Metros, he generated three orders.  His first order was to have the Metro near the bottom move up twice.  Orders can have two parts.  Enemies that see you take orders can react.  I got a lucky reaction shot, and the first Metro takes a hit!  The Metro has an armor save of 14, so Lexington has to roll a 15 or higher, but fails!  The Metro goes down!


Lexington’s second order is for the central Metro to shoot one of my Alguaciles.  He got three shots and I got one.  We all missed.  In Infinity, you can spend orders on any of your troops, even ones that get to shoot!  He shot at me again and I dodged this time.  I failed to dodge, but he failed to hit again.

Hitting is hard from range.  To hit, you must roll a D20 equal to or under your Ballistic Skill.  If you roll EXACTLY, you get a critical hit!  If an enemy is in cover, you get a -3 to your BS, and long ranges can give you a further -3.  Lexington’s BS was 10, so with a -3 and another -3, he needed a 4 or less on a D20 to hit.  Unlucky that he didn’t get it with six dice.

Turn 1 – Nomads

Because the enemy can react, I order one of my Alguaciles to wait for the first half of her turn, and Lexington shoots at me. Because all parts of an order are resolved simultaneously, I take the second 1/2 of my order to fire a three round burst.  My BS is 11, so with a -3 for range, and -3 for cover, I need a 5.  I roll a 1, which hits!  The Metro goes down!


I take another order on the same Alguacile to fire on the last Metro, and one of my dice comes up 5, which is a critical hit!  Enemies don’t get an armor save against criticals, so Lexington’s entire force is wiped out on turn 1!


Wow.  Lexington has never seen a turn 1 wipe like this, and he’s done a lot of demos.  He has a huge group in the Twin Cities devoted to Infinity, and it’s easy to see why.  Infinity is a complicated system, but it has a lot of flexibility and strategy involved.

Next: Age of Sigmar demo at White Lake!

By Bozeman

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