Due to my new job, I totally forgot to write up the batrep from last month’s Highland Game Club!  As such, I’ve forgotten the context of the battle, and only remember the highlights.

First, I squared off with a new player who didn’t even have his own models!  He borrowed the Orks owned by the club from the Black Reach box set.  I tried to match the Space Marine contingent of the Black Reach set as faithfully as I could.

DSCF0940In the end, one half of a tactical squad and the Captain were all that was left on the board!  Close game and taught the basic funamentals!


Later, Andrew and I squared off with 1750 points.  We both took Space Marines with a Demi-Legion.  Andrew also took a Knight Titan…

Here are some pics:


Andrew refused the flank!  I should have seen that coming.  I’m getting old.


Andrew’s Titan accounted for half the army and was able to kill multiple units per turn.  It was not very fun, as I had nothing to deal with it.


I dropped into Andrew’s backfield to cause havoc.  It did a lot but I couldn’t stop his whole army.

DSCF0975I took a Whirlwind/Land Speeder formation that did quite a lot!  The second whirlwind even stood up to two rounds of shooting from a Knight after it’s sibling was destroyed early on.

In the end, Andrew won 14 to 8.  Ugh.  Knights are the worst.  I need to make a Sternguard squad that has 10 combi-meltas.

Next, the battle report from this month!

By Bozeman

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