Stephen and I finally got our work schedules to sync up, and we got some long-awaited Gothic action at AFK Games in Holt!


Mission: Surprise Attack (1000 pts)

Region: Inner Biosphere


Attacker: Stephen – Imperial Navy Segmentum Obscurus Bastion Fleet

  • Solar Admiral (Ld 10), 2 additional re-rolls (aboard the Enif)
  • Avenger class Grand Cruiser Enif
  • Dauntless class Light Cruiser Cursa (Lances)
  • Dauntless class Light Cruiser Stevo (Torpedoes)
  • Squadron of 4 Firestorm class Frigates
  • Squadron of 3 Sword class Frigates
  • Squadron of 2 Cobra class Destroyers


Defender: Bozeman – Azure Flames Space Marine Dominion Fleet

  • Master of the Fleet Ranidan Piers (Ld 10), 2 re-rolls (aboard His Hammer II)
  • Battle Barge His Hammer II
  • Strike Cruiser Vigilance, Extra Shield
  • Strike Cruiser Courage, Extra Shield
  • Wrath Squadron, 5x Hunter class Destroyers
  • Minefield
  • Minefield
  • Orbital Mine
  • Orbital Mine



Shown above, the two Strike Cruisers are squadroned together.  Battle Barge His Hammer II is on standby; all other ships are on full alert.


Turn 1 – Imperial Navy

The entire fleet arrives via the sunward edge (far edge in pictures below).  The Stevo, the Cursa, and the Firestorm squadron arrive to the left and go after the Strike Cruisers.  The Enif, the Cobra squadron and the Sword squadron come in nearer the center.

The Stevo fires torpedoes to limit the Strike Cruiser’s options, as the rest of the fleet advances.

The rest of the fleet menaces the center.

Turn 1 – Space Marines

Wrath Squadron goes around the large minefield.  The large minefield rolls two 6s to launch 2 mines at the Swords.  His Hammer II uses the gravity well of the planet to turn twice and fires normal torpedoes and Thunderhawk Gunships at the Enif.  The Strike Cruiser squadron fires torpedoes and Thunderhawks at the Cursa, which fails to brace for impact and is crippled.  Bombardment Cannons fire on the Firestorms and destroy one.

Wrath Squadron outflanks the enemy.

Thunderhawk flights away.

Bad torpedo roll is augmented by the Cursa failing to brace for impact.  A Thunderhawk causes an Engine Room effect, leaving two damage remaining.

Turn 2 – Imperial Navy

The left side of the fleet closes in, and fires on the Strike Cruisers, doing one damage to the Courage.  Torpedoes from the Cobras are stymied by resilient Thunderhawks.  The torpedoes and Thunderhawks hit the Enif, which takes two damage.  An orbital mine kills one of the Swords.

The only actual damage was caused by a torpedo fired by the Stevo.

Ordnance hits home, doing serious damage to the Enif.

Turn 2 – Space Marines

A daring double-boarding action by the Strike Cruisers yields mixed results.  The Space Marines win both actions.  The Cursa is reduced to a drifting hulk.  The Stevo takes one damage, but in return causes a critical effect to the Courage, causing a hull breach and doing 3 damage, crippling it!  His Hammer II reloads, and launches more ordnance.  Wrath Squadron also fires, with boarding torpedoes.  All of this ordnance does four more damage to the Enif, crippling it and causing a Fire.

Boarding actions are where Space Marines shine, but they are always a gamble!

Space Marines can really pump out a lot of high quality ordnance.

Turn 3 – Imperial Navy

Enif disengages.  The Firestorms and Swords go after His Hammer II, but do no damage.  The Stevo fires on the Vigilance.

The escorts pour it on to His Hammer II, but they don’t have enough gun.

Dauntless Light Cruisers can’t put out a lot of firepower in their side arcs.

Turn 3 – Space Marines

Abysmal leadership rolls by His Hammer II fails an Ld 10 check, TWICE!  Courage disengages.  Vigilance does two damage to the Stevo.  The rest of the fleet kills one more Sword, but the last one barely survives with some fantastic Brace rolls.

It’s become a one-on-one duel between the Vigilance and the Stevo.

Lucky Sword manages to hold on, preventing the destruction of the squadron!

Turn 4 – Imperial Navy

Stevo disengages.  Sword disengages.  Firestorms, however, fail to disengage even on a modified Ld 10!  They advance and kill one Hunter.

Stevo gets out of here.

Desperate and unable to flee, the Firestorms put the hurt on the Hunters!

Turn 4 – Space Marines

The Vigilance goes on Come to a New Heading to go after the last Firestorms.  The rest of the fleet pour it on, but one Firestorm survives.

Once again, one survives to save the squadron.

Turn 5 – Imperial Navy

Last Firestorm disengages.  Game ends.


Final Score

Azure Flames: 329.75

Imperial Navy: 50


Final Thoughts: After the game, I convinced Stephen to re-make his Avenger class Grand Cruiser into a Vengeance class because the Avenger has been completely useless for him.  The Vengeance has much longer range and a good variety of guns, as opposed to the Avenger which is all short range batteries.  Hopefully it does better for him in the future.

Next: Blood Bowl and 40K in Highland!

By Bozeman

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