Oh man.  Lexington came to visit me and we took a walk down memory lane.  He brought me some photos of a past I had almost forgotten.

So, in previous posts I’ve detailed some of the Big Games, mostly Big Game 5.  However, there were others.  Big Game 1 was hardly worthy of the name, it was a big mess.  No one knew what we were doing, and some drunk fratboys interrupted us.  But it gave us ambition.

Ambition for Big Game 2.

As you can see, we’re on the floor.  This was in the the pole barn of our friend Jake’s Parent’s christmas tree farm.  The central city used the 3rd edition rules found in Codex: Cityfight (remember that?).  The yellow taped areas are “ruins”  and the green “forests.”  You see kids, back in 3rd edition, we had to use our imaginations.  We were allowed to make area terrain without having actual trees.  Sure, it’s not as visually exciting as having an actual ruin or forest, but it allows more freedom of terrain.

Seen here, the “good guys” reserves table.

…and here are some awkward looking young men!  To the left, in the foreground, is Andy (who we called Other Andy), who played Dark Angels.  Sadly, we lost touch with Other Andy, as this was the age before Facebook.  Standing above him is John.  Yes, the one who introduced me to Battlefleet Gothic, here playing his Tyranids.  The blurry kid in the jacket in the foreground is none other than yours truly, bringing the relatively young Azure Flames.  In the back, Joe (left) confers with Brian B. (right).  Joe was the leader of the “good” side, with his Space Marine chapter: the Angels Sacrosanct, a Blood Angels successor.  Brian B. is Little Matt’s younger brother, here with his Imperial Guard.

Here, Dark Eldar and Iron Warriors advance together.

Imperial Guardsmen defend the large building in the City.

Other Andy’s Dark Angels were supposed to all Deep Strike.  Sounds great, right?  They can go where they’re needed.  However, we found out after the game began that he could only Deep Strike… within 24 inches of the Fuel Dump.  So, he got to deploy randomly in a tight area and lose two of his units to Perils of the Warp.

Joe is at left, walking away.  Other Andy and I are on the ground.  Checking his watch is Andy (not Other Andy) who brought his Chaos Marines.  To the extreme right, “Little” Matt B, with his Iron Warriors.

Me and Other Andy try to take the dark portal.

The Tank Company advances toward the city.

The Azure Flames had a small force guarding the bridge.  They were supposed to hold out so that reinforcements would come…

…sadly they were waylaid by Eldar.  The Evil forces take the bridge.

Scott’s Orks roll into the city.

John’s Tyranids deploy… out of focus.

John’s Tyranids advance on the city as well.

…and enter the city.


Space Wolves drop pod in to take the building from Dark Eldar.  Some veterans may recognize that building from GORKAMORKA.

Finally (which is ironic because it’s not the end) Andy (on the ladder) and Scott (from the waist down) survey the battle for the “bad” guys.  Fun story: Scott almost fell off that platform, and Andy ran to catch him.  That rope hanging from the ceiling and Scott’s quick wits are the only reason both of them did not go to the hospital that night.  Fun!

So, how did Big Game 2 end?  The “bad” guys won.  However, it set the stage for Big Games 3 and 5 (Big Game 4 was along a different narrative).

*drowns in nostalgia*

By Bozeman

2 thoughts on “Big Game 2, a blast from the past.”
  1. I don’t remember my troops seeing much combat in bg2. Pretty fun as I recall.I remember Jake and I taking a break for crunchy’s and beer at the Kellogg center big game (5 maybe ???). Good times. Definitely need to play another bg this summer if we can. Joe could Skype in and direct someone to do his movement and dice roles.


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