Daemons are a tough thing to keep track of.  Appearing from the warp.  Disappearing into the warp.  Stealing cookies.  That sort of thing.

Well, now you can keep track of your extradimensional entities in STYLE.  Behold!  The Daemon Pool Counter!

Epic Armageddon Daemon Pool Counter


-Print the file in color on 11×17″ Tabloid paper.

-Trim 1.25″ off of the long edges and 3″ off the short edges to cut it down to 8.5×11″ with a full bleed.

-Laminate the sheet.

-During the game, place two Blast Markers on the Counter, corresponding to how many Lesser and Greater Daemons you purchased.  When you summon Daemons, move the Blast Marker down, and when the Daemons are removed or unsummoned move the Blast Marker up.

Have fun ripping down the walls of reality!

By Bozeman

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