After the previous battle at Highland, Sean decided to take a look at Epic.  Due to a lack of available challengers, I took the role of the Orks as Sean manned the Space Marines.  Let’s get Epic AGAIN!


Bozeman – Orks

  • ‘Uge Ork Warband with 18 Ork, 6 Gretchin, and 6 Nobs stands!
  • Ork Warband with 6 Ork, 2 Gretchin, and 2 Nobs stands plus 3 Battlewagons, 1 Flakwagon and 1 Gunwagon.
  • Ork Warband with 6 Ork, 2 Gretchin, and 2 Nobs stands plus 3 Battlewagons, 1 Flakwagon and 1 Gunwagon.
  • Mekboy Stompamob with 3 Stompas
  • Fighta Sqwadrun with 3 Fighta-Bommerz
  • Kult of Speed with 6 Warbikes and 2 Buggies
  • Big Blitz Brigade with 9 Gunwagonz, two of which have Supa-Zzap-Gunz
  • Great Gargant with Warlord Character Upgrade

Sean – Space Marines

  • Tactical formation with 6 Tactical stands, 3 Rhinos, and a Supreme Commander upgrade.
  • Devastator formation with 4 Devastator stands, 2 Rhinos, and 1 Hunter
  • Terminator formation with 4 Terminator stands and a Chaplain upgrade
  • Whirlwind formation with 4 Whirlwinds
  • Assault formation with 4 Assault stands
  • Assault formation with 4 Assault stands
  • Thunderhawk Gunship
  • Land Speeder formation with 5 regular Land Speeders
  • Warlord Titan

Standard Tournament Scenario




Turn 1

Sean puts the Whirlwinds on Sustained Fire and lays into the garrisoned ‘Uge Ork Warband that is so close to his lines.

The Orks fire back at the Tactical formation, and are in turn fired upon by the Warlord Titan.

Retaining the initiative, the Fighta-bommaz go after the Land Speeders, but fail spectacularly.

The Land Speeders move forward, close enough to the objective to ward off Ork advances.

Both the Gargant and the Blitz Brigade go for a Double, blasting the Titan and getting up close and personal.

The Devastators Double to put some pressure on the Blitz Brigade, with little effectiveness.

The Stompas go after the Land Speeders, and get a lucky shot.

Taking a big risk, I put the Blood Axe squad on Overwatch.  I get a lucky 4+.

The Thunderhawk with the two Assault Marine squads perform and Air Assault against the ‘Uge Ork Warband!  Poor rolls make the Orks retaliation brutal, wiping out all but one Assault Marine stand and killing that stand and the Thunderhawk with an overrum!  However, casualties break the Ork Warband.  The Kult of Speed responds by taking a Double to shore up the Gargant and get close to the bridge.

The Evil Sunz formation then Doubles to cover another objective.


Turn 2

At the top of turn 2, Sean teleports the Terminators near the ‘Uge Ork Warband, which has regrouped during the End Phase.

The Orks win the Strategy roll, and the Gargant uses the Warlord’s re-roll to succeed and go on a Sustained Fire action, killing most of the Terminators.

BIG GAMBLE sustained fire for the Blitz Brigade takes the void shields off the Titan and do some damage.

Whirlwinds blast the Orks again.

Devastators wreck the Blitz Brigade, breaking them.

Kult of Speed doubles to get into the Marine’s board half!

Fighta Bommers try to do some damage to the Whirlwinds, but fail again.

Land Speeders back up to prevent being charged by the Stompas.

Stompas move up to keep pressure on Land Speeders.

Retaining, the Evil Sunz double to try to take out some Land Speeders.  They fail, but they hold the objective.

Despite me not removing the die marker that indicates Overwatch, the Blood Axes move up to hold both objectives.


Turn 3

The Gargant doubles up and lays the smack down on the Warlord Titan, dropping the last shield, and doing five damage reducing the Warlord to one damage capacity remaining.

The Kult of Speed retains the initiative, Engages the Warlord Titan, and manages to peel the last damage off, killing it!  The six Warbikes are killed in retaliation and the Buggies flee in victory.

The Devastators try to blast the Gargant and removes all but one power field.

Finally, Sean ceded.


Final Score:

Blitzkrieg: NONE

Break Their Spirit: ORKS

Defend The Flag: ORKS

Take and Hold: ORKS

They Shall Not Pass: ORKS

Final Score: Space Marines 0, Orks 4  Victory for the Orks!


Wow.  There were several key moments where Sean’s rolling was terrible.  He’s almost as bad as my former room mate Matt.  Sean should have done much better.  He also should have used the Thunderhawk against one of the objectives rather than the ‘Uge Warband that could have held them off.

Next: some Epic Eldar or Lost and the Damned, and some Battlefleet Gothic at AFK!  Stay tuned!

By Bozeman

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