Epic Armageddon training game: Dominic (Orks) vs. Kyle (Space Marines)

March 31, 2015
31 Mar/15

Having just barely finished the last of the Ork units just in time, I was able to show Dominic and Kyle how to play Epic with two FULLY PAINTED 3000 point lists!  Let’s get Epic!


Dominic – Orks

  • ‘Uge Ork Warband with 18 Ork, 6 Gretchin, and 6 Nobs stands!
  • Ork Warband with 6 Ork, 2 Gretchin, and 2 Nobs stands plus 3 Battlewagons, 1 Flakwagon and 1 Gunwagon.
  • Ork Warband with 6 Ork, 2 Gretchin, and 2 Nobs stands plus 3 Battlewagons, 1 Flakwagon and 1 Gunwagon.
  • Mekboy Stompamob with 3 Stompas
  • Fighta Sqwadrun with 3 Fighta-Bommerz
  • Kult of Speed with 6 Warbikes and 2 Buggies
  • Big Blitz Brigade with 9 Gunwagonz, two of which have Supa-Zzap-Gunz
  • Great Gargant with Warlord Character Upgrade

Kyle -Space Marines

  • Tactical formation with 6 Tactical stands, 3 Rhinos, and a Supreme Commander upgrade.
  • Devastator formation with 4 Devastator stands, 2 Rhinos, and 1 Hunter
  • Terminator formation with 4 Terminator stands and a Chaplain upgrade
  • Whirlwind formation with 4 Whirlwinds
  • Assault formation with 4 Assault stands
  • Assault formation with 4 Assault stands
  • Thunderhawk Gunship
  • Land Speeder formation with 5 regular Land Speeders
  • Warlord Titan

Standard Tournament Scenario




Turn 1

Kyle teleports the Terminators right next to the gunwagons!

Strategy roll goes to the Orks!  Dominic goes first.

Dominic takes an Engage action with the Kult of Speed, who charge the Terminators!  …aaaaaaand bounce right off.  No Terminators die, and the bikes are broken and fleeing.

Next, Dominic retains the initiative, and Doubles with the Blitz Brigade to put the hurt on the Warlord Titan.  Just out of range with most regular Gunwagons, the Supa Zzap Gunz take down a grand total of… one void shield.

Kyle retaliates with a Sustained Fire action by the Titan.  The Gunwagons are shattered and break.

Retaining, Kyle sets the Whirlwinds loose on the ‘Uge Ork Warband with Indirect Fire.  Many gretchin die, much to the amusement of the orks!

Dominic moves the Evil Sunz mounted Warband up towards the objective with a Double.

Dominic tries to retain, but a poor roll leaves the Fighta Bommaz with a blast marker!

Kyle sends the Land Speeders to engage the Stompas.  One Stompa goes down, breaking the formation.

Dominic turns the gunz of the Great Gargant on the Terminators!  Three die, and the last flees!

Dominic takes a BIG GAMBLE and puts the ‘Uge Ork Warband on Overwatch!  Will it pay off?

Kyle Advances the Devastators, firing on the broken Blitz Brigade and scattering their remnants further.  However, a poor Dangerous Terrain roll loses the Hunter!  The Marines have no anti air!

Retaining the initiative, Kyle Marches with the Tactical formation to hold an objective.

Dominic puts the Blood Axe Warband on Overwatch, as they babysit the Objective on the board edge.

Kyle declares an Air Assault with the Thunderhawk, which brings BOTH Assault formations and goes for the Evil Sunz mounted warband!  AMAZING overwatch fire from the ‘Uge Warband kills three Assault stands, breaking one of the two formations, sending the survivors running.  The remaining Assault marines open the battlewagons like tuna cans, and wipe the whole formation out!



Turn 2

Kyle wins the Strategy roll, and sends the surviving Assault formation after the broken Ork bikes!  This assault was a complete disaster.  Whiffs and poor armor saves, plus FOUR WHOLE ROUNDS of fighting finally wipe out the Assault Marines, and leave one Ork Bike stand alive.

Dominic Doubles the Great Gargant, and puts the Land Speeders in his sights!  Poor rolls left four Speeders intact.

Kyle wanted to March to get the Warlord into position, but a blast marker ruins his day, and the Warlord end up moving once on a Hold action…

Dominic’s Fighta Bommers shake off their Blast Marker and put some SERIOUS hurt on the Whirlwinds!

The Land Speeders menace the ‘Uge Warband.

Having enough of the Land Speeder’s crap, the ‘Uge Warband charges them.  The Landspeeders lose two and break, but the Warband loses two as well, and loses the combat, forced to flee.

Kyle’s Whirlwinds Marshall to remove their blast markers.

Dominic gives the Great Gargant a Double to move it out where it can do some good, as it has no enemies to fight!  What a terrible fate for an Ork.

Kyle’s one remaining Assault Marine which regrouped earlier moves out and holds the objective.

Kyle bides his time, Advancing the Tactical marines, but not moving them.


Turn 3

Kyle wins the Strategy roll, and puts his Devastators on Overwatch.

Fighta Bommerz go after the last Assault Marine to clear the objective, but REALLY poor rolls keep the Assault Marines safe.

Kyle has a plan.  He needs the Titan to go off, but first he chains the Tactical Marines to hold both objectives!

Kyle’s plan falls apart as the Warlord fails again.

Dominic, to deny Kyle the They Shall Not Pass condition, Doubles the Gargant to get into Kyle’s table half.  Not to be outdone, Kyle Doubles his Devastators which loses a Rhino and a Devastator stand to dangerous terrain.  Now, neither player has They Shall Not Pass.

Kyle’s Assault Marines move into cover to protect themselves.

Dominic gambles and wins, putting the ‘Uge warband on March, and a ridiculous daisy chain CAPTURES THREE OBJECTIVES!

Final Score:

Blitzkrieg: NONE

Break Their Spirit: NONE

Defend The Flag: ORKS

Take and Hold: NONE

They Shall Not Pass: NONE

Final Score: Space Marines 0, Orks 1  Victory for the Orks!

Next, another training mission!

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2 responses to “Epic Armageddon training game: Dominic (Orks) vs. Kyle (Space Marines)”

  1. Abetillo says:

    Interesting game. Looks like lack of luck with the Warlord was the determining factor.

    The armylists, as done by new people has several issues as expected, but i was surprised at the SM one, as it looks too mainstream for a newbie. Maybe that shows the strenghts of that army list.

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