I’ve got some battle reports for the past few days to write up, expect them later tonight.  However, this bore no further waiting.  Pictured above is Dan, one of the owners of the fine establishment AFK Games in Holt, MI.  In his hands is a piece of gaming history.  Back in the 90’s when Battlefleet Gothic was new, GW gave out plexiglass table decorations that had been airbrushed with artistic starscapes, as a promo for Rogue Traders to get people into Gothic.  I had no idea these existed until yesterday when Dan showed me the one he had hidden in his store room.  This is part of a game I dearly love.

Perhaps one will go on ebay one day… probably not though…

Enough self pity.  To writing!  Expect not one but TWO Battlefleet Gothic reports, one from fabled Highland and one from our hometown folks at AFK!  Stay tuned!  To the website.  You can’t really tune a website.

By Bozeman

One thought on “A piece of history: Battlefleet Gothic promo board decoration”
  1. I used to have one of those and the android terrain that GW sent out with it. That and my 3 fleets all gone…..On a happier note, I picked up a ton of BFG last year and got a game in a month and a half ago. While we were playing, Larry from BoLS and Rob from Spikey Bits walked up and were shocked to see us playing BFG. The game still works and is a blast to play.

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