The link above (and the handy one in the sidebar to the right) links to my Battlefleet Gothic Compendium.  I have updated it in a major way for a third time, making this the fourth iteration of the compendium.  In truth, this was done months ago, but I couldn’t upload the front cover until now due to file size shenanigans.

Here it is, in all it’s glory:

The new 4.0 version has the following features:

-Full bleed front cover, for aesthetics.

-Table of contents inside front cover for organization.

-All files now updated to 2010 Compendium, including rules updates and lists such as Eldar Iyanden Fleet.

-Fixes for all files for spelling, rules accuracy, and readability, especially for tables.

-Scenarios, Campaign Rules, and Planetary Defences split into separate sections, and printed on different color paper to differentiate.

-Imperial Navy and Space Marines are now two different sections with different colors, as they are different “races” in Gothic.

-Chaos Daemonship rules are now 1/2 of a page rather than one paragraph for ease of explanation and accuracy.

-Several minor fleet lists added, for completeness sake, such as Ork Pirates of the Cyclops Cluster and Eldar Gothic Sector Corsairs.

-Major update for Tau including special character Kor’O’Mesme and 2010 rules for modified Kroot Warspheres.

-Expanded Tyranids due to page count purposes.  Vanguard fleet list now completely pointed out, and Evolution of the Hive Mind is a well organized table rather than paragraph form.

-Moved Leadership table to inside cover, and Boarding table and modifiers to back cover.  Now, all resources neccesary for setup are on the inside back cover, and all tables for play are on the outside back cover.  This allows easy access to tables without page flipping.


As with all my home made compendia, the following goes: I did not create any of this content.  It all came from the Battlefleet Gothic Main Rulebook, Armada Rulebook, and 2010 update.  This compendium merely condenses approximately 450 pages of rules and fluff into approximately 80 pages of rules in outline, bullet point, or table format.  If you want to print this for yourself, you are welcome to do so.  HOWEVER, PLEASE DO NOT SELL THESE FILES OR ANY PRINTS MADE FROM THESE FILES FOR ANY REASON.  Thank you, and have fun!


By Bozeman

3 thoughts on “Battlefleet Gothic Compendium 4.0”
  1. Great work compiling all that. It would be nice however if there was an option for an ALL-IN-ONE version of the PDFs. Nothing stops me from doing that now but it’s admittedly a PITA 🙂

    1. The files are separate because the instructions call for printing each file in a different color. Making one big PDF would bring the file size above 10mb, which is WordPress’ Nazi-esque limit.

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